Monday, May 26, 2008

Message to Derrick Caractor and others like him

Before I address the Derrick Caractor situation I need to warn all those who get upset with some of the stuff I write to exit stage left if you know what I mean! ............................ OK now that we have completed the exit process lets discuss Mr. Caractor and what has actually happened to him.

Derrick Caractor was prime for becoming a under achieving player and person early on in his career. It started when his people allowed sneaker people and others to control his movement including what high school he attended and what AAU team he played for. Check back and notice the shoes those teams wore. Yes the sneaker guys spoiled this kid and sorry to say his people including Mom, who probably is a wonderful person, allowed it to happen. What they did early to this kid is worst than how Les Cason was exploited at East Ruthurford HS many years before. Can we add the name Luther Wright? Still not as bad as what has happened with the nice kid they call DC.

Funny thing is the press makes this kid seem like a real jerk and hard guy to get along with. Nothing could be further from the truth. Mentioning that he flunked out of Louisville makes him seem a bit on the not educable side. Again far from the truth. If you have an opportunity to speak with Derrick Caractor you will see he is very articulate, thoughtful, and respectful. He just is spoiled!!!!! I have a personal story involving myself and what Derrick said to me at a gym 3 or 4 years ago. It was so motivating to me because I had been through something horrible that I would wish on no one. Eddie Lau, who also is not this horrible person described by many, brought Derrick over to talk to me and the conversation was great!!!!

Back to Derrick. Yes he is spoiled just like many other highly ranked basketball players. He received all types of gifts from all types of people. Why? because they wanted something from him in return. They wanted to be on Team DC! Labron had the same and it worked out for those hanger on types with him. Mayo? We all see what is happening there. I would bet a few folks have jumped from Team DC to others like Team Lance, or Team Cheek, but we all know Bob Hurley will make that situation correct.

It all starts with the ranking stuff where they rank 4th, 5th, and 6th graders. Did anyone know that Pitts Terrell Biggs was the number 1 7th grader and 8th grader in the country according to one nationally known service? Add that to the sneaker company involvement via AAU and Rec programs who get money from outside sources and use the money to wine and dine HS studs. In return those studs who are fortunate enough to make the NBA, wind up being affiliated with agents and sneaker companies who supported them through their teams for many years. Please do not act like you do not know the various teams involved with this type of stuff. Look at the teams and how they are outfitted and the sneakers they wear. I saw a team from Washington DC that even gave the parents matching sneakers.

We think it is all about helping youth, and youth programs. But others feel it is strictly business. No one funds free camps for sports without a motive. This is not "fresh air fund." It is let me get to know you so that I can sign you later! Unfortunately Derrick Caractor is one of the few who got caught up in this as well as the hype yet could not produce enough on the court to make the investment many made in him pay off.

And let me be the first to say I wonder if Coach Pitino would throw him off the team if he averaged 15 points and 9 rebounds last season? I think what Pitino thinks is Caractor is not really as good as advertised and he wants to make room for his new players who he thinks are better. And the real kicker is coaches like Pitino have no consideration for a kid like Caractor. He blasts him, talks about his academics, and how he no longer wants him. Heck, what NBA general manager wants him now? What ever chance he had went out the window with Pitino's comments. I watched John Calipari do the same thing with Sean Banks a few years back.

Here is my formula for Derrick Caractor's Comeback.

1. Back to basics. Forget those technical guys milking you. get a guy like Sandy
P or Brian Crawford to work with you this summer in NJ. None of that special
treatment from them.

2. Get in the gym on your own and work and than work some more. Your summer
jom should be basketball related with a connecting gym. If Derrick is reading
this blog he should go right out and start running around where ever he is.

3. Get as far away as possible from the agents, wanna be agents, the other agents,
and the agents runners. Time to buckle down and make this basketball thing work.

4. Buy your own gear this summer. Do not allow anyone to give you stuff! Do your
own thing. Even if you have to wear those $9.99 Starbury sneakers.

5. Get with a true basketball motivator who does shoulder up workouts. I know a great
one by the way lol.

6. Start looking at other school options. I really think DC needs a true players
coach who brings discipline. Transfer to the A10, SEC, ACC, etc. In fact, Al
Skinner at Boston College or Seth Greenburg at Virginia Tech would be great for
Derrick. One year working in the weight room with a photo of people riding
the subway and bus commuting tp work, as well as photos of Luthor Wright
and Les cason on the wall as motivation would be a great move.

7. Use the sit-out year to really work-out and study film. Especially film from
years at Louisville

Now if the DC story does not show what is wrong with our amateur system I do not know what will. Rick Pitino is just as wrong as the others after pushing DC out. But his behavior happens all the time. I truly believe some of his problems would not had happened if he attended school closer to his home. Other players need to look at this and understand how important it is to have your family support network close by. Trust me alot of kids have had second thoughts. ask Brandon Costner among others. SHU looks very good right about now even if he stays at NC State. DC, go somewhere that will love you but not spoil you. Someplace like Boston College and Al Skinner if he will take you


Gregg said...


There's no doubt that DC can be a very good college basketball player if he decides to make the commitment.

His story actually reminds of one that WVU fans are all too familiar with: Jason Gwaltney. This is football related, but the premise is the same in that Gwaltney was the #2 rated RB coming out of high school a few years back. He basically showed up to play football, while totally screwed around in class thus getting himself kicked off the team. He was given another try last year, but was kicked off again because he was a knucklehead.

The bottom line is that guys like this are led to believe they are entitled to things, and do not want to put effort into working for them.

I think for Caracter, it's best to stay away from the Pitino's and Calipari's of the world where trouble lurks.

If his grades are as bad as people say, than there is no way Boston College will admit him. No matter how good at basketball he is.

I could see him ending up a transfer friendly school like New Mexico State or Arizona State.

Maybe he'll stay in the area, but what good would that do for his potential pro career?

He's still a good talent, so it wouldn't surprise me as well if he ends up in the SEC somewhere. Outside of Vanderbilt, most schools are lax on transfers.

Hopefully he can get back on track.

LFBall said...

Thanks for the great comment. Herb Sendek would be good for him as well. But I really hope he finds somthing closer to NJ, even if it is UMass, St. Joes, or even Iona College. Bottom line is he needs a new address and a new committment to and desire to the game he loved.

Honestly I hope he turns it around and does 2 more years where he completely dominates and becomes a NBA player. Funny thing is if he was eligible for the draft after HS he would be a multi millionaire right now.