Sunday, May 18, 2008

Today's Early Thoughts

So Ebanks Picks West Virginia. I for one am not that surprised. As a person who attended and graduated from a college in West Virginia I understand the importance they put on sports in Morgantown. In fact, I remember playing a game against Hugging when he was a senior. I also remember the players way back including Wonderful Warren somebody (Baker) from White Sulfur Springs West Virginia. Yes WVA is very serious about basketball.

But why did this outstanding player choose to attend WVA? Is it because they have a national and famous coach in Huggins? How about two assistants in Larry Harris and Billy Hahn who were master recruiters for years and ex Head coaches on the D1 level? Maybe it was the great facilities and future facilities at WVA. Fan support? Good last year but maybe it will get great now that they have a few top tier recruits coming in.

Funny thing is he would be at Memphis, or maybe Rutgers, if Baeline was still at the school. I would doubt if he would have been interested in a player like Ebanks (one and done possibility) who comes with advisors, agents lurking in the shadows of the arena, and more. Playing wise I honestly think this kid is a Pro! Not sure about the one and done stuff but he is a true program changer! He could easily be the BE Freshmen of The Year.

But despite all of this I still feel he would have been much better off at Rutgers. I think he would have made the RAC truly electric this season. He could have been a star out of the gate even though the same could be true at WVA. But the opportunities after basketball would have been tremendous for him in the NYC area. Media coverage? He could have been a poster boy for area college athletics.

Lastly, it is a great pick-up for WVA and more of a shock to Memphis than Rutgers in my opinion because I think I have an idea of the playing fields at each school mentioned. Ebanks mandatory interview with the NCAA should be a good one lol. And if folks do not know it, the NCAA randomly (they really choose high profile) interviews recruits about what happened during the recruitment process.

Where does this leave Rutgers? It leaves them with a solid recruiting class led by Rosario. They have Bigs and Guards coming in. With very good coaching by the RU staff it could be interesting next season.

Jonathan Mitchell to Rutgers

Now someone must have tipped him off to Ebanks upcoming decission. Even though if Ebanks is one and done it would not impact his playing time at RU if Ebanks choose Rutgers.

My honest opinion is Mitchell would have been what the Doctor ordered at Seton Hall. I feel he was so needed there. SHU seemed to really love him while RU wanted him. This might be the only time I have seen two Mount Vernon players at the same university playing basketball. Yes it could be a first!

Mitchell was one of the top players in America coming out of Mount Vernon HS a few years back. But not playing and than sitting out a transfer year can take a toll on your game. Yes he has something to prove! Yes he is hungry! But I question if he will bring to the Scarlet knights what he could have provided SHU based on guard play at SHU as opposed to RU. I am of course talking Eugene Harvey and Jordan Theodore, both guards who pass so well even I could average 6 points a game in the BE playing with them.

I guess he just wanted to play with his buddy Mike Coburn. Time will tell if he even lives up to his old press clippings. But one thing for sure is Bobby Gonzalez has to start stepping it up recruitment wise. PR wise RU and Freddy Hill have made major statements about recruiting by signing such solid players and kids.

Now talent wise I think SHU with good coaching will be a solid team next season. I always say a Great Point Guard, and decent perimeter players, with solid role playing big men, in a program that defends well, do just fine!!! SHU has that if the D steps it up!!

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