Friday, October 23, 2009

Weekend Thoughts

Weekend Thoughts

I really love the way the Seton Hall fans are handling the the Kyrie Irving to Duke announcement. I am not kissing up to anyone but they have enough knowledgeable posters on their board to realize that sometimes things do not work out one way or another for kids that go away. If this kid gets to Duke and things are not as he wishes, Seton hall could be a logical destination for this outstanding young man. My feeling is he will do great at Duke. But you never know.

Also it is always a great thing not to knock kids for not choosing your program. Kids and advisors look at that all the time. It shows that the coaching staff and fans have class.

Just read where Binghamton opens up the season at Pitt of the Big east on TV. All I can say is someone might need to hit the breaker switch after 10 minutes to get a cancellation.

I still say do not be surprised to see some of the Binghamton cast offs return to the team in the future. Honestly a few would have good legal cases since they are not convicted or in some cases not even charged.

Looking forward to the big Eddie Griffin Challenge which will be held 1 hour from my Pa. home. Chance to see some very good talent on display. Great job by Jim Solmon and his team.

The Jim Couch HS event takes place this weekend at Kennedy HS in upper Manhattan on Saturday and Baruch College on Sunday. Great man, great program!

Speaking about Jim I have known him for over 30 years. I was at one time his main workout coordinator and one of his main coaches. This is a wonderful man who loves the kids and the sport. He already knows what he is wearing on both Saturday and Sunday. It's laid out already lolol.

Unfortunately Jim is a bit tight with a few of us because he thinks we are not pushing a certain kid to Georgia Tech and Paul Hewitt. After all he did help them get another local kid who attends a prep school. His other favorite school is St. Johns and Norm Roberts with Bobby Gonzalez in the mix as well as the coach at Manhattan. But after talking to him the other day I could hear him thinking even after I assured him I had nothing to do with what a certain kid is thinking school wise. I love Jim and look forward to seeing him and alot of great HS talent on Saturday.

Alot of people are upset with Rick Pitino. I agree it is not his business to critique the Rutgers facilities. But you never know, someone at RU might have asked him to do that as a way of speeding up the process to improve facilities.

Speaking of Rutgers. Even Stevie Wonder can see that the basketball team has not received the same support as the football team percentage wise financially.

I still remember when the RAC was completed. The Nets played there and we all agreed it was the best facility in the area on campus. It still could be if they just gave it a facelift and a new practice facility for both Men and Women. What is the hold up. Jeeeeeeeez! And yes it plays a huge role in recruiting when you are in a conference like the Big East.

I look at a school like a Monmouth location wise, campus wise, support wise, and now facility wise. What a great situation! The experience playing there has just gone to another level.

I think the Playez Basketball Program's fall league starts its playoffs next week. If so it will be some great basketball for the true fans in the area. Games are Weds at Kennedy HS in Paterson NJ.

Back to Pitino. He did not go hard at Seton Hall and St. Johns, in case people are wondering, because they play games at The Pru Center and MSG respectfully. That's a bigtime feel for any team coming into the NY area. Plus, I am sure he said what he did to help friends, etc.

Speaking of basketball practice facilities. Visited Villanovas a few weeks ago. saw the newer facility they have. Nice, but did not knock my shoes off. I think kids are not choosing Villanova for the practice facility. They are choosing them because they are now one of the top programs in America with a Coach who has gained a reputation as a true closer. It also does not hurt that they sell out games on and off campus. Villanova basketball is really a big thing in Philly and the surrounding areas thanks to Jay and staff as well as a heck of a marketing department.

Seems no one has noticed St. Johns has moved up in pre season rankings. No, they are not predicted to make the dance, but it seems they have respect from the other coaches. I still feel in a matter of time they will again be the choice for the top NYC players even if they get the 3rd and 5th best area players.

Local schools need to watch out for Providence. They are quietly sneaking into the area and getting into homes with the promise of playing time on a team that has great New England support and tradition. Glad they are also smart enough to bring recruits in the long way so they will not see the eye sore parts on the city which are near the campus. Remember last years record was done with players from the previous regime. Lets see what they do this season.

Why are we not hearing more about Iona, Manhattan, St. Peters, Hofstra? I need to see what's going on with those programs.

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