Thursday, October 1, 2009

Binghamton and Collier

Binghamton Situation

It is amazing how people without all the facts continue to speak as experts about the Binghamton situation. Well, though I know a bit more about what has happened than many others, I will not be able to comment until it all comes to a head. I will tell folks that it might not be what people are thinking and some of the players just might be in the middle without cause. In other words it might not be quite what you have read in the newspapers. And as far as Corey Chandler is concerned, this has nothing to do with what might have happened at Rutgers. In fact it might be just a case of him being at the wrong place at the wrong time. I said "MIGHT." From what I am told he has been close to a model citizen.

I also smile when folks continue to knock the head coach for providing opportunities for kids. He has no murderers on his team. He has no convicted felons on his team. What he is doing is no different from what coaches all over America have done for years.........find great transfers that can help him win. SJU use to at one time be the transfer capital of the East coast. Rutgers has used transfers as have Seton Hall who has two impact transfers suiting up this season who folks have questioned. Now one guy even says they should get rid of the BU Head Coach. Remember when you point at someone with a finger, 3 fingers point back at you.

Devon Collier

I love reading the experts talk about him and his Dad Red. Red called me the other day and after we talked about how successful he has been as a Women's Coach in NYC, our basketball reunion and more, we talked about his sons recruiting. I spoke highly but honestly about every school and told all had something to offer his son including Rutgers. Believe it or not I still want all the local schools to do well.

Rodger Red also told me they had great visits with Providence and Seton Hall. In fact he mentioned how much the SHU staff. especially Bobby Gonzalez laughed when they saw my HS basketball picture along with Red Collier. Yes, those were the good ole days. I will tell you that they were VERY IMPRESSED with Seton Hall!!!


Marvin Candle's arm said...

What a coincidence that Collier has recently eliminated Rutgers from his list.

LFBall said...

LOLOL. I had nothing to do with that. Red Collier is pretty connected and shared a few things with me from his research of various schools. Trust me Red knows alot about this game. Besides RU is really a fine place with great opportunities for playing time. I would not knock a school like that even though I have my personal thoughts.

SPK145 said...


At the end of the day, the head coach is responsible for his program and Broadus needs to be held accountable. Accountability is what is missing these days in many walks of life.

He made his bed............

LFBall said...

Maybe they need Jerry Walker!! We need that formula because he is a guy you really admire!