Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Hall Pirate and more

Again I will keep it real. Hall Pirate I might be the only blogger who will mention names of those who criticize. I think that is keeping it real lol. But please understand I appreciate your desire for "Real Solid Information." I too would like that and when I want that I read the NY Daily News, The Record, The Ledger and the Pocono Record. The Times is a bit too advanced for me.

There are so many folks fighting to get the scoop on who is going where. They are on the kids playing ball 24/7. That's not my thing. Most of what I get is from calls to me and friendships developed over 35 years. Some guys I was friendly with when they were graduate assistants are now working in the NBA or as D1 and D2 Head Coaches. I still talk to some if you know what I mean. Others changed with power comes the hint.....a certain coach in the ACC who might be on the hot seat. Some guys like Seth Greenburg at VT never ever changed. From the time I met him while he worked at Columbia as an Asst. through the biggest Columbia fan in the world Dr. Ron Kapon, he has never changed.

When certain guys say things to you they are not doing it for you to post. Others send emails and leave messages that I do not post based on fairness to the people they are talking about. Trust me, and many who read this know I am telling the truth, if I put all that I receive about RU, SHU, and SJU on this blog I would be doing serious harm because 70% is not true or proven. Even had a comment about the New Coach at FDU. I never took the bait because I saw no truth in what was commented.

So again Hall Pirate I appreciate you reading my blog and if it is not what you like I am sorry. Hopefully you will find something interesting one day. But at least you love your team!

Kyrie Irving

Kyrie Irving is going to Duke? No real surprise but the reports I received from Lexington Kentucky suggested he was really into Kentucky during his visit. I was told his interest went from doing the right thing for Rod Strickland to Kentucky becoming a serious option. Guess the people speaking to me were wrong. But one thing for sure, his parents are astute enough to understand what a Duke degree means as well as attending a school where he could be in the mix from day 1. Who knows what might happen with John Wall. Plus UK has other top notch PGs in the program when Wall leaves. Lastly, not much diversity in Lexington Kentucky. While Durham, NC has an area that is similar to a smaller version of certain parts Newark. I said certain!! Please do not get Mayor Booker on me. He and Hall Pirate together would be a bit too much. Newark also has some wonderful sections and areas. Last thing. I wonder if Coach K did the squeeze play and told Kyrie they would sign another kid if he did not commit? Ummmmmmm! I wonder if it is true? Ummmmmmmmmmm

If this is true kids all over will look at the Irving commitment and choose schools sooner than later. I know a few kids who are really doing courtesy visits trying to be nice and politically correct. I would not be surprised to see some of these kids just come out and commit in the next week or two. One kid I know will visit two schools that he has very little interest in at his families expense. I would not be surprised to see that young man just come out in the next week or two and decide. I have to always remember how hard it is for folks to just volunteer information. But in the end they will do what they think is right.

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