Friday, October 16, 2009

Friday Tidbits

More Binghamton

As I always say I speak my mind. Today no difference. It seems Kevin Broadus is now on paid leave at Binghampton. Is this really just a stall tactic until his contract can be brought out?

Still a very unfortunate situation at a truly great academic university. I still say it is wrong for him to take such a beating over things that happened away from the basketball court. Things that happen even at Ivy schools and tier 1 universities all over America. I feel the same way about Corporate execs taking hits for what an employee who he or she does not even know does in an office they have never visited. Sure he should be punished for the NCAA infraction. That's a given! But to beat him up over the other stuff is not correct.

Remember when a kid is being recruited by a coach, the kid and his family really are talking to the representative in the body of the coach. In many cases when the kid arrives on campus, they will meet the true person. They were recruited by the head of sales in a coaches body but met up with a true coach on the first day of practice. Well it is the same with players. Personality wise you are meeting the representative. The real person will emerge during the time they are on campus. If a kid has no history of selling or using drugs, fighting, or stealing, how does a coach know this behavior will occur when the kid comes on campus. Just as the kid might not realize the coach is abusive. I know of at least 5 guys in college basketball I could not recommend based on abusive behavior yet they kid great recruits all the time because they are great salesmen.

Broadus has a great case if they dismiss him without significant compensation. One last thing. Mark Macon is a swell guy who was a great player. He will be a very good coach in time. But how they did not name Julius Allen as temp coach is crazy! He has held it down at Binghamton this season and last season. What a slight!!! But knowing Jules as I do, he will work hard for Mark and teach him about the coaching business all season long.

Interesting Conversation

Had a call from a top 10 prospects dad last night. What a talk and sorry I will not discuss what he asked. And no it was not Collier. This parent really wanted to talk recruiting and where the family liked and did not like. As usual I told them I would never suggest where the player should attend. But I did tell them to make a surprise visit to the campuses in the final two without the "Representative" to get a true picture. But honestly the leader for the kid in question will be a surprise to many lol. This family has as good a plan as I have ever seen and the kid will be in the NBA in a few years. Especially if the kid listens to his Family. One of the schools they eliminated would have been Ideal to me personality wise. But they know what is right for the son. Wish I could say more but I cannot. I do know where the kid would sign if he did it today. I will leave all the announcement stuff to those who work harder than me to do that. Lastly, I will say those who forgot where they came from will always have to deal with folks with great memories.... UMMMMMMMMM!

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