Saturday, October 3, 2009

Getting Stuff Off My Chest...Not For Everyone! Weekend Edition LOL

First the answers to a few questions on the SHU Board. No I do not think Collier would be a good fit at SHU or SJU!! I think he would be a GREAT FIT at those two programs!!!!!! His final 4 looks like very solid programs for him. As far as me not having much substance? What blog does lol. Again maybe I should text kids and find out where they are leaning so that it can be posted AGAIN! Or maybe I should just report what I read in the newspaper or on other blogs and sites? I again say if it is so bad do not read it. It's OK because there is not a paycheck attached and no one is checking how many folks read my blog.


I would like to thank the many folks who send me comments that are both positive and negative regarding my posts but do it without an agenda but as true fans of the game we all love. This includes fans from many Big East, A10, and even NEC schools. In fact a few guys on the SHU board have no problem challenging me and my thoughts. I love it because they do it with no animosity but only to have the facts straight. On the other hand guys like RU66 and a few others work hard to find things wrong with me and what I write. I think it is comical based on some comments he has made such as calling me LFHall, calling me sad, calling me a person in need of attention, and much worst. Even more comical is the fact he hides behind his computer and continue to kiss up to the basketball coaches and program he supports. He gets on me for talking about my connections? Well, I do know a few people should I apologize lol? Yes, I have Craig Carters cell number! I also have Fred Hills, Bobby Gonzalez, Jay Wright, Jim Carr, Tom Green, Ron Brown, Binghamton Coaches and many others. That makes me a groupie? maybe it makes me a guy who has been in touch with guys over the years helping kids get into school. Groupie? I would bet a dollar no coach in the area would say that. And when it comes to connections there is really not much separation in the NY basketball community. Thats why COACHES need to be careful of what they say or do when it comes to basketball players and those who might know them.

Lastly when it comes to fans such as RU66. You are the true groupie who cannot see your teams future clearly based on rose colored glasses. You also seem to read my blog regularly. WHY? If it is so bad or something you hate, why read it. And when you say things about me or the blog you only bring attention to it and more folks click the link and increase the hits lol. I think you should just wake up and talk bad about me without reading the blog. Maybe there is a way I can bar you lol. But than again you could always use the computers in the basketball offices at Rutgers in between kissing up to the BBall staff.

For the people interested here is a comment from one of the most connected basketball/academic people in the NY tri-state area. A man very respected all over the country.


Linc, Enjoy reading your blog & have to shake my head & chuckle at the folks who are quick to knock you on other web sites. They should only know how deep your roots go back in NY area hoops and that you've have always been fair in your comments & sincere in your support of the positve people & programs in the area. Well, it's their loss for not heeding your words with the respect they deserve. At least you haven't been banned from LOL I just came from Ron Naclario's annual showcase of his high school team for college coaches. He does a great job of promoting his kids & cares passionately about them. He has a team that will be strong contender for the PSAL Championship at MSG in March. His connections had over 40 Div I, II & III coaches in attendance. With several BIG EAST schools represented. I was there to conduct a student-athlete workshop for his players & found them to be attentive, respectful & hungry for information about recruiting, educational responsibility and picking a suitable college. I believe the student-athletes of the PSAL will be heard from MORE in the next few years when it comes to meeting Div. I & II requirements ofr participation. As in all things hoops, academics & life in general-"time will tell." Keep talking the talk you do so well at LF, I know you've walked the walk to do what you do so well. Be well & take care! RK aka

Thanks Rich. We go all the way back to that first camp you did for student athletes. Was it called AFBE?. RON is the man and anyone would be proud to have their kid playing for him at Cardoza. When the message boards knock me I know it is because of something I have said about their team and not really personal. This RU66 Guy must be connected to the RU program based on his always hateful words. it is OK because anyone who really knows me will always say I am a fair guy basketball wise ACCEPT WHEN IT CAME TO MY SON lololol. When it came to my son I was a huge jerk lol. But its guys like you and I and Russell Shuler and Rudy King who have to keep it real and say what is really needed. Thanks for your kind words and see you soon.

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Randy said...

What is going on with east coast hoops? First Army makes a change, then the Binghamton situation takes place, now Shoes only a couple months on the job is about to be out at FDU because of his resume.