Friday, October 2, 2009

Friday Thoughts

Well it seems certain fans are again looking to find ways to tear down players as well as me on various basketball boards. I do get a laugh at the various names they give me such as LFHall, etc. One even calls me an A--. Great education I would say. Even certain Seton Hall fans find fault in what I say at a time I am considered a SHU Groupie by certain Rutgers Fans. Funny thing is I have NEVER even been in the SHU basketball office, yet I have been to the Rutgers office at least 3 times over the years. Coaching wise, I knew both FHJ and BG equally as well. Though I have known BG longer from his days paying serious dues in the inner city driving an old car and coaching grass root youth teams. He spent a long time in NYC volunteering to coach and help folks. Dermon Player I have known since he was coaching kids older than him at The Upward Fund in East Harlem and Young Life prior to Riverside Church. But I have only called him once since he has been at SHU, and oddly he did not even call back because he was off to a game. He did call back from a funeral weeks later after some mutual friends told him I was looking for him.

Now lets look at Rutgers. I am closer to Craig Carter than I am to all the RU and SHU Coaches combined. But I have never ever called him in his office, nor do I ever call him during the season on his cell phone based on not wanting anyone to feel he was talking to me about RU business. And he has never ever done this! Our relationship is based on our Dyckman connections and the fact I helped him with graduate school years ago. Believe it or not I remain a Jim Carr fan and as you might notice from my blog, I rarely if ever write anything about him. I am sure he does not feel the same about me from what I hear lol, but it is all good.

As far as me mentioning Seton Hall Transfers and Not mentioning Mitchell from Rutgers. Its simple, SHU guys are impact based on what they accomplished at previous schools that were high major places. Mitchell has no track record based on very little playing time and very unimpressive stats from The University of Florida. This does not mean he will not do great things, but I would not bet the little money I have to spare on that. Sitting out is hard enough. But to sit out after playing very little minutes for 2 years at a previous school makes the transition even more difficult. Folks are just scared to say this unfortunately. In fact I have alot of thoughts about the talent at all the local schools but for some I hold back from saying anything based on busting the bubble for some people who live and die with their teams. But trust me those who have watched closely for a few years know exactly what they have and do not have.

Recruiting wise SHU is doing a great job getting into homes and setting up campus visits. Ditto St. Johns, even though one home visit could be a courtesy visit pushed by certain local people. That visit, believe it or not, could be more important than the family and player realizes because SJU really would be a great place for the player in question! I really felt the same about Lance Stephenson who out of nowhere chose Cincinnati......UMMMMMMM! Not sure what is happening at RU based on really not hearing much. This is not a knock, just telling it as it is with me. I have heard very little about the RU recruitment situation.

Well that's it for this Friday. Not much substance, only a few thoughts. I hope everyone will have a great day.


caitlin said...

Linc, Enjoy reading your blog & have to shake my head & chuckle at the folks who are quick to knock you on other web sites. They should only know how deep your roots go back in NY area hoops and that you've have always been fair in your comments & sincere in your support of the positve people & programs in the area. Well, it's their loss for not heeding your words with the respect they deserve. At least you haven't been banned from LOL I just came from Ron Naclario's annual showcase of his high school team for college coaches. He does a great job of promoting his kids & cares passionately about them. He has a team that will bea strong contender for the PSAL Championship at MSG in March. His connections had over 40 Div I, II & III coaches in attendance. With several BIG EAST schools represented. I was there to conduct a student-athlete workshop for his players & found them to be attentive, respectful & hungry for information about recruiting, educational responsibility and picking a suitable college. I believe the student-athletes of the PSAL will be heard from MORE in the next few years when it comes to meeting Div. I & II requirements ofr particpation. As in all things hoops, acdemics & life in general-"time will tell." Keep talking the talk you do so well at LF, I know you've walked the walk to do what you do so well. Be well & take care! RK aka

LFBall said...

Thanks Rich. We go all the way back to that first camp you did for student atheletes. Was it called AFBE?. RON is the man and anyone would be proud to have their kid playing for him at Cardoza. When the message boards knock me I know it is because of somthing I have said about their team and not really personal. This RU66 Guy must be connected to the RU program based on his always hateful words. it is OK because anyone who really knows me will always say I am a fair guy bassketball wise ACCEPT WHEN IT CAME TO MY SON lololol. When it came to my son I was a huge jerk lol. But its guys like you and I and Russell Shuler and Rudy King who have to keep it real and say what is really needed. Thanks for your kind words and see you soon.