Saturday, August 29, 2009

Weekend Tidbits

The Washburns

So it looks as if Chris Wasburn has returned! Yes, the two young men I met at the Boost Mobile what ever you can call it are rumored to be the sons of Chris Washburn, formerly the number 1 HS player in America and a guy Howie Garfinkel at the time called the best ever at 5 Star Camp. We do know they are attending St. Patrick's this season. I am confused about who they are staying with because I did not see Chris at the game I attended. Dave Britton, former Texas A&M Star, was doing all the intros. But if Chris is indeed moving to a new job in Elizabeth, I say good for him and boy is he lucky because alot of local folks are unemployed and looking for jobs. Chris must have some great skills to get a transfer from Texas or Hickory, NC where I thought he was living to land a new job so far away from where he was.
I guess if it is true, the power of HS sports is larger than having a great resume. I am a Kevin Boyle fan but wonder if some St. Pats friend did not hook this up. UMMMMMMMMM! It will be good to see Chris if he is coming this way. Yes, I know him and he even spent many days with me when he was about to turn pro. So his sons can play very well I hear! LOLOLOLOLOLOL.

**** Update ****
Chris Washburn is the Dad of the two players attending St. Patrick's. However he is no longer with the Mom and David Britton is calling most of the shots from what I understand. However Chris is involved and even coaches AAU in Texas so you know he understands what is going on. Dave is very connected and another former player I worked with. So I will wait for the real scoop that will come later. As for the kids, I hear the older one is very talented but needs more fire. The younger one could develop into a stud like his dad was. If these kids are good a certain BE School located in NJ with a name that rhymes with ball will have a great chance based on recent developments other places and the relationship, true relationship, David has with the coaches at the school that rhymes with ball lol.


The debate over HS recruiting has gone on for some time. St. Pats gets alot of it while folks tend to not talk about St. Anthony's or St. Benedict's. St. Anthony's has survived without of the area kids for quite some time. And St. Benedict's, though not in the reg NJ HS league, has done the same. Kevin gets killed for what others are doing all the time. Even Paterson Catholic. Heck many of the better PC players live nowhere near Paterson Catholic. Ditto with the football program at St. Joe's of Montvalle and Bergen Catholic. Their players come from NYS, all over Bergen County, and even a few from NYC including the ex NYC Mayors son, and parts of Essex County. How do you stop it? By really making these type of programs play in a super conference similar to the New England Prep A and B leagues. And please do not tell me these kids are just showing up the first day of school.

No one can say the recruited kids are not in GREAT HANDS, because they are. But it still is an unfair advantage. We will never see a Tournament of Champion final with Delbarton vs Toms River South.

Corey Chandler

Well, very soon we will know Corey Chandlers destination. I have an idea where but I will wait and let those who love to be first with information to announce it. Both final schools have alot to offer him. But what he needs most is structure, a sense of feeling very wanted and needed, and an opportunity to be away, but not so far he cannot get home to see family. I just hope he knows and understands it is better to be loved than just wanted and needed for basketball. This choice is the last one! NO MISTAKES!


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This is to tha person who wrote about my sons, an that asshole david britton, this is Chris washburn sr, i need you to email me your info, we need to talk, email me at, thanks, i got a real store for you......... said...
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sorry that last part should read, an this time i didn't do shit.............( an if by chance they go to Seton Hall, yeah then they got paid, ill be there at the start of season for the whole yr, lets see if david is around then....