Sunday, August 9, 2009

I Am Back!!!!

I have always said I would not comment just to comment. I have also said I would try to write more than what I read in regular newspapers. It is for those reasons along with a commitment to my small business operation that has had me traveling alot recently that I have not posted. Well I am back and will post regularly from this point on.

Lets start with parental and Travel team/advisor involvement with recruited players. Now anyone who knows me will agree that I was a terrible basketball parent lol. But I did realize it was about my child and not about me. I could teach a course on the do's and don'ts of advising HS basketball players. In that spirit please allow me to talk about a few things that get under my skin.

Lets start with the "WE" terminology used by many parents and adviser's. What do they mean "WE"? Ever hear the AAU Coach or even parent say things like "We hope to have our list down by" or "We will be visiting the following schools" ? Crazy! WE? When did it become WE? "WE hope to choose our location by" or "We hope to have a decision by" are other ways players folks and adviser's speak.

I think all those mentioned have a serious say, but its about the player and they should be a resource as opposed to making it about themselves.

Lets talk recruiting. Why is everyone so surprised about Coach Thomas doing a great job attracting players to a mid major at best school in Florida? Is it any different than Jim Valvano getting studs to attend Iona? These kids are looking for one and done situations. Where best to shine than a non power conference school coached by an NBA legend with connections. Plus we all know that school is doing all they can to win and draw fans based on the hiring of Coach Thomas. lastly many folks know when a school wants to win bad enough they will do ANYTHING to attract good players. So to get a GREAT Player the sky is the limit I am sure. If you know what I mean!

Lets also look at the power schools and the advantage they still have with resources, booster support, money to spend, etc. It will always be hard to beat out Kentucky, NC, Duke, UCLA (years ago), Kansas, etc. Syracuse could easily be in this category but it is no longer for some strange reason. Or is it really a strange issue lol?

The power schools can afford to be everywhere. They have corporate jets at their disposal as well as a full staff of recruitment people including IT specialists etc.
It is no longer about graduation rates and available jobs after graduation. It is about instant gratification. Kids want it now in more ways than one.

Lets talk Danny Nee to Towson. Or should we? Or do we really care? I do! And why is he doing this? I guess he cannot get coaching out of his system. But Towson? That's a job for new coaches looking to break in after coaching HS or JC ball. Wow!

Lets talk Mike Davis. Are you kidding me? Coastal Carolina? OK Cliff Ellis is a draw but if I remember right they have a 2000 seat gym and play in a very low level conference. I really thought Mike would attend Kansas State who I heard had a real interest in him as a transfer. Might have been better off being a role guy at Seton Hall.........If they had pushed for him to stay.

My gut says St. Johns will be one of the country's biggest surprise teams this season. They might not win the BE, but they should make a post season tournament.

My Gut says Seton Hall will be very good and make the NCAA this season if they play as a team and compete night in and night out.

My gut says Rutgers will be better but still not good enough to draw more fans or make a post season tournament. It will be an interesting year to say the least.

My gut says Siena College will be very good and the coach will depart after this season. He will be following a few teams very closely.

Lets talk Tobias Harris. I look forward to watching him play in the Boost Elite event at Rucker Park in a few weeks. Sat with him at last years event and he was clearly disappointed not to be selected for the game as we watched. But one thing for sure. Tobias would be successful with or without basketball. He just happens to be a great prospect! Funny thing is I happen to know a certain gentleman who his dad Torrel respects alot that could be of assistance. Hint Hint....Guy is an urban legend and around 70 years old! Which is why Georgia Tech rumor was not a surprise. Guy in question loves Paul Hewitt. But Torrel and Tobias know what they are doing.

More Later


shelmaxi said...


Any news on the FDU situation? What kind of team will they have for the upcoming season.? Any chance that Greg Vetrone will be their permenant coach?


LFBall said...

I will do a lil somthing on the FDU mess in a day or so. He might be there a while based on the deal that was made that also had him hire a HS guy from California. I think the guy could be affiliated with the Pump Brothers who have alot of influence it seems lol

Basketballdaddy said...

Good to see you are back. Hope your biz venture is going well.

LFBall said...

I wish!!! Hard times for everyone. I have never really experienced this. I might need to go to work for someone lol. Or maybe a newspaper will let me write a blog two times a week lol. Thanks for the comment.

cd76 said...

I cannot believe how badly the FDU situation has been screwed up. Langford (FDU AD) is clearly trying to run and hide from a situation with new coach Vetrone. Word is that Vetrone (and a former team manager-now new asst coach) spent the spring and early summer running illegal workouts with no less than 3 FDU players at a local off campus gym on Thursday and Friday mornings.
Langford has been made aware but is hiding from the botch job of not only (1) not sending out Tom Green the right way but also (2) not succeeding Green with veteran asst and former FAMU & LIU head coach, Ron Brown. Vetrone is a nightmare choice for FDU far more off the court than on. With that being said, Vetrone has little on court credibility either as he has never been a head coach at any level and has been off the court for a decade since his last run-in with the NCAA