Sunday, August 30, 2009

Corey Chandler

In case folks did not know, I heard from a coach on Saturday afternoon who informed me Corey Chandler will attend Binghamton. Great move by Corey because he will step right into a starting spot in two seasons and average around 20 points a game for 2 years. And for folks who do not know, Binghamton is one of the top academic colleges in America with some serious fan support in a beautiful 5000 plus seat on campus arena.

I just knew everyone would know by now but maybe not!


Copenhagen said...

Your blog suggests that Corey chose Bing for alot of good reasons.

It is apparent that Binghamtom took him inspite of red flag issues while the fact is St. Bonaventure took a pass based on those questionable character issues that are probably the reason he left Rutgers.

You do like to say you tell the truth and are on the up and up but I find you write in circles not saying much and are mostly vague.

How about some facts instead of trying to impress us name dropping and self promotion ....

Best of luck to him at Binghamton!

LFBall said...

Sorry you feel that way. No self promotion intended. I am also sorry you do not like my writing style. I suggest you stay away and do not read my blog. That way we all will be happy.

I always give facts best I know. I said Corey was going to Binghamton a day before your friends in the press and that was not a fact? I said Tobias Harris Folks were upset and that was not a fact? I mentioned the AAU folks in NYC and NJ were concerned how RU was treating Carter and that was not a fact? Please just stay away and read re-reports from those who really are important, etc. I am just a guy who has always enjoyed the game. And St. Bonnies is a hard place in the middle of nowhere that College Coaches hate to visit. Corey decided not to visit based on that and other factors including St. Bonnies having pretty good backcourt people in place for 2010-2011. Nothing to do with what you assumed happened at Rutgers. Plus Binghamton is a far supperior academic school. Ask people who know!

Copenhagen said...

ok, some good commentary there .... it is true we didn't have an open scholarship for him and it would have had to be a pretty creative move to fit him in ... not sure it was doable.

Yes, although Corey would have been potentially the most talented player at the SG position, it is a position that we have plenty of depth, while a frosh PG is our real need in the backcourt.

It has always been hard to have quality programs visit the Reilly Center since we are most competitive there with our homecourt advantage even during the years we were struggling.

The St. Bonaventure program is in a kind of comeback mode with a solid core of A10 players so now it is getting again difficult to get quality opponents to schedule us.

I'd be surprised if Corey Chandler chose Binghamton based on there "superior academic" standing.

Maybe St.Bonaventure doesn't have that "superior academic" reputation but there are many outstanding features for prespective student athletes.

The St Bonnies experience is a fulfilling wholesome quality education.

In conclusion, I have read your blog for the last years and must admit I have enjoyed it more often than not but sometimes find your coverage of issues --- giving hints of the real story but without giving the whole thing frustrating.... but maybe my expectations are not realisitic .... and the Corey situation was closer to home for me while I am a causal observer for all of the other situations.

I do find it odd though that a some hint of critism, you want to blow a reader off even mentioning it more than once.

Although I wrote it stronger than I should have, I just wanted more info and apologize that it offended.

LFBall said...

No problem. But I take offense to anyone thinking I am self promoting myself. With all I have been through I do all I can to stay out of any spotlite. I also happen to know alot of coaches, many who have worked out with me as HS and college players, and others I have met during my time assisting kids find scholarships. And I am mot talking studs or great players. You develop a true friendship this way because I never asked for or recieved a dime to assist kids. There are some things I just cannot say based on not knowing if I am covered legally. But there is alot of cheating going on in college basketball including many teams you would never suspect. Also alot of kids being used and abused mentally and thrown out the door when they are no longer needed. Check out the transfer lists. Not all those kids wanted to leave where they were. So yes I do not say everything like reporters do who have a newspaper behind them. So I throw out hints, and many know just who I am talking about. Folks know the powerful AAU guys I know and are friendly with.
Lastly about St. Bonnies. One of my close almost family members called to ask if their grand daughter should attend the school. Guess who gave you guys a great endorsement? So when Cyndra Couch suits up for your womens team this season, think about me lol.

Copenhagen said...

So when Cyndra Couch suits up for your womens team this season, think about me lol.

She sounds like a great player, good student and should make a fine addition not only to the "Lady Bonnies" but to the University as a whole. I look forward to seeing her perform on the video streaming on Bonnies All Access.

Now how about helping the Bonnies Mens Team as we are looking real hard for a PG of the future like Russell Smith or Eli Carter. :o)

LFBall said...

Sure........Keep dreaming about Russ Smith lol. He has the big boys all over him. By the way, Rutgers and others tried to get Ms. Couch late but her Grand Father made her stick to who liked her when no one else did.

You guys are very attractive to the right prospect. Great support and nice facilities on a nice campus with a solid academic rep. Many kids being recruited by BE will fall to A10 level now or as transfers. Your school is a great option for them.