Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Rutgers Thoughts

Now everyone knew I would give my opinion on the Corey Chandler and Craig Carter situation. Well, the gloves are off and to be honest I have to say Fred Hill Jr. is the biggest surprise I have ever experienced in D1 basketball, and I happen to know alot of the main players and coaches and those I do not know, I know someone who does. Fred to me was nothing short of an OUTSTANDING Assistant Coach with great HC potential. What is happening with him? He is not the guy I knew from U of Maine, FDU, SHU, and Villanova. That Fred was sooooooooo Together. Deep down I hope the Fred I knew will re-emerge this season.

I start with Craig Carter. First my message to Craig who did more than most people realize to open doors in NYC for future RU recruiting. It is always up to the Assistant to start the recruiting process but the Head Coach always has to be a great closer. Unfortunately Craig opened many doors but the closer was not available or could not complete the deal in ways that make Jay Wright, Lou Carnesseca, and even Bobby Gonzalez famous. From what I am told by a few folks in Brooklyn, Craig had Ebanks signed sealed and delivered but he and his family did not feel love from remainder of the RU Staff. Craig is an outstanding ambassador for RU now and forever. My message to Craig would be keep your head up, remain loyal to FHJ and RU, and keep your eye on future prizes such as jobs where you will be appreciated.

Honestly this move will hurt Rutgers more than they realize. What Rutgers really has right now is a superb Camp Staff as in The Hoop Group! Not a bad thing since the Hoop Group is an outstanding organization doing great things. Just not a great staff for a high major D1 program. Plus not having a QUALIFIED Person of Color on staff will eliminate them right off the bat for a number of high profile players they were in contention for. Trust me they do not need to attend another event involving Tobias Harris since he was only interested in Rutgers based on Craig Carter. I will say the same thing about other kids. I spoke with a number of NYC HS Coaches who are very upset over the treatment Craig has received. They might still shake hands with RU coaches and even smile, but getting NY players just got very, very, hard! Not just because of Craig, but because of the lack of an assistant coach of color on the road recruiting.

Lets look at the new RU Coach. I am sure he is a nice man and pretty good with the x and o's. But what does a 61 year old guy say to the hip hop generation... "Peace?" 61year old guys do deserve opportunities as well and this guy should have gotten the Coordinators job for this season. But should have never been given Craig's position.

I am really stunned Fred Hill would so disrespectful to the African American community in the tri-state area by having an all white coaching staff in the year 2009! What is he saying at a time even Brigham Young has a Black Assistant Coach and The University of Alabama has a Black Head Coach? Is he just giving up? Does he feel he is so connected with The Playez, Panthers, New Heights, Metro Hawks, and Road Runners among others that he can just eliminate minority involvement on his coaching staff? What is the University's take on this in the year 2009? What is the AD saying? How about the President? Maybe they are just allowing Fred Hill to dig his own grave and already have a contract for a certain coach in upstate NY prepared for 2010.

Speaking of the NJ Road Runners. Lets see what Sandy Python (sp) does with the dismissal of Corey Chandler. Will FHJ and his new Assistant from Lehigh be able to recruit their players? What about the coaches in Newark especially those at Newark Eastside? Was Corey a true bad apple or was it convenient to get rid of him to eliminate a PG controversy between him and Beatty regarding playing time.

If Corey is guilty of anything similar to what Reggie Redding did at Villanova, he also should have been suspended the first half of the season. But to be thrown off the team after being the poster boy as a 12th grader and College sophomore? ODD! Who hangs with Corey at RU? Who is always with him? thats right, most people know.

Rutgers needs to be good for area College Basketball to be interesting. Ditto St. Johns and Seton Hall. Unfortunately today Rutgers took 2 steps backwards and told everyone pulling for them to take a hike!!!!!!! And that's saying how I feel mildly.


darrenmaloney said...

Couldn't agree more. Not always on the same page with you, but you are DEAD ON with your latest post. RU staff is sooo bad. At least now Fred can't say he was forced into hiring people the way the previous coaches were. The bottom line at the end of the day is that his lack of success on the court will do him in, but that staff is carrying water pistols in a league full of staffs armed with missiles.

Old said...

You've gotta be kidding with this...Rutgers needs to be good for area College Basketball to be interesting. Really? Since when? No one cares about RU! Please! Stop trying to make them out to be something they clearly are not. They shouldn't even be in the Big East!

Corey Chandler, like those before him, made a huge mistake in risking their careers at RU. At least Corey has two years to play at a real school, for a real coach and have a real chance at seeing the post-season without having to purchase a ticket!