Monday, August 17, 2009

Interesting Tidbits

Good Morning everyone. Its a new week and I am really looking forward to the Boost Mobile Elite 24 scheduled for this Friday, August 22, at Rucker Park in Harlem, NY. What an event it will be with young men from all over the country playing a HS All-star game in the Mecca. Playing in Rucker Park means these young men will have to bring their game and not just their name (IS8 Saying). I plan on being there as early as 5 PM to take the entire event in. By the way this is a free event so people need to arrive early to get a seat!

Nice seeing Jason Morris being recruited by so many schools. Still remember his Dad Phil making All City at Columbus HS in the Bronx. Jason is a legit HS All American candidate in more ways than 1. Very good student at a REAL New England Prep School that also has some of the wealthiest students in the world attending. Yes, he attends Hotchkis School which is coached by one of my former players at Dyckman, Fred Benjamin, a guy I was sure was going to the NBA. Well, Fred has done a great job with this young man who has the super high majors recruiting him as well as the Ivy's. But I think I know where he will attend and it is ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,! Will tell later!

Just found out that Rutgers Patrick Jackson is the grand Son of the legendary Tony Jackson, who was one of the best players ever produced on NYC. TJ with the sweet J did his thing when he played HS ball and College ball at St. Johns if I remember correctly. Great genes!

Thinking about HS I must talk Gary Deceaser. Look for Gary to be outstanding at the Illinois HS he will be coaching this season. Call him names, hate him, etc. But one thing for sure, he runs a great HS program and LOOKS OUT FOR HIS KIDS. I am the first to say he has a hard tome recruiting local players on the college level based on burning bridges years ago by being truthful and honest with his feelings about how certain AAU type programs were being run. He also received pressure by really not allowing his players to be taken advantage of by college coaches recruiting them. He was 100% involved with every kid being recruited on the D1, D2, and D3 level! He and Danny Hurley seem very similar as coaches to me. That's why I always say My Grandson Logan would play for Danny Hurley if he is still a HS coach and not a college HC at the time if I have any say lol. I always felt the same way about Gary DeCaeser who you knew had your kids best interest at heart. a few others in this category are: Bob Hurley. Moe Hicks, Johnny Mathis at NY Kennedy, Ruth Lovelace at Boys and Girls, Tiny Morton at Lincoln, Curtis March at Teaneck, Bob Commino The Mount Vernon Coach, Kevin Boyle, Ron Neclerio at NYC Cardoza,and The Don Bosco Coach of Bergen County even though.......

Lets talk in code for a moment. Spoke with a great NYC source who told me the reason certain young men have chosen to leave the area is because they could not get certain requests from area coaches that they could from those out of the area. He named schools, coaches, and players. I was stunned! But not surprised! What a shame because these young men do not realize the dangers they face as well as the hardships. Playing locally where you live, pays off huge unless you plan on relocating to the area you attend college when your eligibility is up. I say it that way because very few basketball players graduate in only 4 years. If basketball is in your future for 10 years after playing your last game than it might work. If you get injured or do not have the career you expected it will be a different story. Sad because St. Johns, Seton Hall, and Rutgers are great options! In fact SJU could be huge if folks just believed! I do and watch this team and Seton Hall do much better this season. Seton Hall is expected to do well. SJU will be a surprise! Could not happen to a better person than Norm Roberts.

Heard that Tobias Harris lives on the same block as Norm Roberts on The Island. Wow! Also heard Harris is often at SJU shooting around in the gym with his Dad. Again I say Wow! So why is SJU not in the picture for Tobias? Or are they? I do know one very influential person to Tobias dad Torrel and that person loves Norm Roberts and Paul Hewitt. Stay tuned!

Sad story about 7 ft Marcos Lewis in Virginia. I hear he wants to give up basketball because the kids tease him about his height. He is very embarrassed. A few folks have called him with words of encouragement. One day he is through and the next day he is not. By the way Marcos is a Sophomore or Junior in HS. He might just wind up in a NE Prep school in the future. If he does.......Watch out!

I am going to say something and I hope folks do not take it wrong. Some of the local bigger D1 schools are doing it the correct way recruiting wise and by the way student athletes are treated. If you dig deep enough you might just realize what has actually happened around the NY Tri State area. It is so easy to see! Some schools will never get the great HS studs because certain kids tend to always be up for bid! Just the way it is! This is one of the reasons players like Tobias Harris, Kyrie Irving, Austin Rivers and Jason Morris are so attractive. They are NOT up for bid and only want basketball scholarships despite being good enough to receive special offers. This means all schools have a chance or had a chance since most know where they are going or have a list by now. This does not mean others are not looking for the same. Heck maybe they all just want room, board, tuition, and fees. I hope so!

Lastly I talked to someone who said a certain super players Dad is so bad they wish parents such as myself were still around lol. Now if you knew me when my son played you would better understand the comment. I was out of control and a true embarrassment. I should do a workshop for parents based on what I did and went through. Free of course. Someone contact me lol.

Well, the parent in question needs defending I feel. Yes, he can tone it down. Yes, he should not be so involved if he is not coaching. But when you are an ex player it is hard watching your son play without offering words from the stands. Person will learn to channel his emotions differently I am sure. But this person is a great dad who truly made his son the great player he is today with no ones assistance. take a bow Dad, than relax and enjoy the ride.

Theo Davis, Theo Davis, Theo Davis, Where are You? This is a kid who was pulled and pulled and sent all over and now where is he? Hopefully he has it together even though he was never the player people thought he was. Many high schools and a few colleges later he is at still another college or is he? Check out his story and use it to guide and advise young men. By the way his Advisor Ro Russell takes alot of hits from people. But Ro, who I have never met, seems to have done alot more GOOD than bad with his Grassroots Canada basketball program. Many kids have benefited!

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