Thursday, August 20, 2009

New Thoughts

Just a short blog post to be clear about what I wrote yesterday. But before I do I just found out that Brigham Young does not have a Black Assistant this season despite all the work they do in third world countries. They join Rutgers as one of a handful that do not have true minority representation. But ALABAMA still has a HEAD COACH!

I have not spoken with Craig Carter or Corey Chandler. However I have spoken with many others very close to each of them including one of the Newark Eastside Coaches, and a very close advisor to many NY high school D1 prospects. I have also spoken to some D1 Assistants who are saying off the record that what has transpired at Rutgers is mind boggling. In fact, one assistant coach and a community coach in NYC mentioned to me even a prominent Big East Head Coach is shaking his head not only about what has happened recently, but what has happened all year. And in the last 6 minutes I recieved 2 calls from VERY CONNECTED AAU guys who said they could not reconmend a player attend Rutgers.....WOW! Very Connected!!!

Now all of this really pains me because I know Fred Hill is not anti Black, anti Italian, or anti Martian. Fred Hill really did not make this move based on race. Fred has been a strong supporter of equal opportunity during his years in basketball. That's why this move surprises everyone. He should have understood the impact his decision about Craig Carter would have made. This decision has the entire basketball community in NYC and NJ buzzing. Honestly, if the other coaches on the RU Staff really are in Fred Hills corner, they would have stepped up and took that coordinator position out of loyalty to the program understanding the long term impact.

Since this breaking news, the RU AD has received a number of phone calls from what I understand. My source on this is a Local D1 Assistant Coach that is very involved with the National Black Coaches Association. I understand from him, Fred Hill has returned a few calls to some of the folks who called the AD explaining how this new position is a great one with visibility for Craig lol. The Guy I spoke with says it is not just about Craig Carter, its about Rutgers University, a place that has always been for everyone regardless of where they are from, feeling they can just have the only all White coaching and recruiting staff in the Big East. He said folks are wondering if they are being taken for granted and disrespected. So yes they are upset over Craig, but more so over the lack of an experienced "real Coach" of color on the RU Staff.

Will this impact Rutgers recruiting? YES! RU might still get players with limited options. But unless they do it like some others via boosters, and special assistance, etc., the kids with options will list them but not really consider them. And as one person wrote, having a Black Assistant on staff does not guarantee you get certain players, but it makes sure you are in the race. Remember an Assistant Coach has to be able to get players to campus for visits, get the program in position for home visits, and stay in touch with recruits. THE HEAD COACH is the person who closes the deal. By the way John Calipari, Rick Pitino, Lou Carnesseca, Jay Wright, Paul Hewitt, Jamie Dixon, and many others could do a special workshop on this topic.

In conclusion I really think nothing will change at RU. The decision has been made. But I am sure if they could do it again it would be a different person other than Craig Carter chosen as the "Coordinator." I also think we live in a society where folks tend to have short and selective memory. Kids and advisors with few options will consider a school in the BE just because it is in the BE. But the great players who help you get to the NCAA's will always be reminded by knowledgeable people, and other D1 coaching staffs.

Corey Chandler

Who does the guy quoted as a Corey Chandler Advisor work for? The schools he listed are a put down to Corey's ability and skill level. Granted the timing is bad to get that great opportunity. But there must be schools in the CAA, A10, Lower ACC, Big 10, and SEC interested in him. Kansas State? Georgia? I would be stunned if he attended one of the schools mentioned by "The Advisor."

Boost Mobile Elite 24

Still attending this great event. I just hope it does not rain. But as the game takes place, I hope to get some juicy stuff to share here. Stay tuned!

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