Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Tuesday Thoughts

Fran McCaffery the Siena Coach will get multiple offers in the next few weeks. Anyone who thinks this guy is not a true program savior is crazy. He would be great at a Big East or ACC school based on his prior experience including time as a ND Assistant. I think schools looking for a good HC should start driving towards Albany right now! I still think he handled the Siena Players leaving a few seasons back in the wrong way initially. But I am sure he had his reasons. But right now, he will be in demand! And If Jay Wright goes to Kentucky, Villanova would be the ideal place for him. Watch carefully the next few weeks.

Kyrie Irving is the future in NJ HS hoops. One of the great things about this young man is he has his priorities right. Just knowing who his Dad is, and thinking back at how he played at Boston University (if I remember right) and continues to still play at Harlem Square Garden in a men's league, this kid gets alot from his Parents. And what also makes him a prime recruit is I doubt if he could ever be purchased like many stars nationally. His early enrollment at Montclair Kimberley Academy prior to St. Patrick's speaks volumes about his families priorities.

Jarid Famous is off to The University of South Florida for a visit. The school will go all out to impress him and will succeed. But the bottom line is what's the environment like on game nights in December? Will they get to the dance? How is attendance? I know for a fact one late school is trying to get in with him and that school could go a few rounds into the NCAA tournament next season with him aboard. But we all know his Dad will call the shot on this and hopefully Daddy Famous, or Stretch as some say they know him by, will be happy with HIS decision 3 years from now. I say this because often Dads make decisions for kids and later realize they made mistakes. Trust me I know at least 2 Dads right now questioning doing or not doing something that impacted their sons. Careful Mr. Famous!!!!!! Look at the options well!

Lincoln HS wins the NYC Public Championship for the fourth year in a row. Does anyone else now deny Tiny Morton is a future NYC Hall of Fame Coach? But Johnny Mathis of Kennedy should also be on the ballot because he does a great job as well. Look for Kennedy to return to Madison Square Garden next season. Also look for them to participate in a strong North Jersey HS event next season.

Young ladies with game and yet to obtain scholarships should seek out Mr. Jim Couch at The Dyckman Basketball Program. Mr. Couch has been coaching youth for over 35 years and is putting together a team to take to North Carolina for a showcase event in a few weeks. You can email me LFBall@aol.com or leave a comment below and I will have Coach Couch get in touch with you. Unfortunately he does not use the email account that was set up for him lol.

A good All star game takes place this Saturday at Northampton Community College in Bethlehem Pa. It feature the Lehigh Valley against the best of Monroe County. It might me a good thing for a few MAAC, NEC, and CAA teams to send representatives. Some pretty good but under the radar players will be on display.

How soon before Travis Ford is snatched up by another school? How about Sean Miller? Sometimes folks have to make moves to get that special coach when he is available.

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