Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Complaints lol!!!!!!!!!

I have always attempted to be fair to all the programs I comment on. In the past I have had everyone from Tiny Morton at Lincoln HS to Paul Hewitt at Georgia Tech a bit upset at what I have written on message boards and blogs about them and their teams. I have not been spared by Bobby Gonzalez, Norm Roberts, and the entire staff of Rutgers University including Craig Carter who I coached when he was in HS and in College during the summer months. In fact I took Craig to one of his Rutgers visits while he was in HS at Bronx HS of Science. I also pulled serious strings to get him into a graduate program to work on his masters degree and gain education credits he needed while working as a NYC Teacher between coaching jobs. Also on my list of people pissed at me in the past has been folks from the Gauchos, Playez, NJ Road Runners, NYC Mission Society, Rice HS, and more! I have been an equal opportunity blogger and message board participant. Oddly, most of the folks who have been upset with me have also been pleased with some of the things I have said. In fact, I would say 95% of those who have been upset understood I was only calling it as I see it. Most are still friendly with me and hopefully will remain that way. And if folks really read everything I have written, they would see I have complimented each person the list. I gave many more compliments than folks give me credit for. That included Fred Hill Jr.

It is so funny how folks at one school say I kiss up to fans at another school, and vice versa. Funny thing is I have never kissed up to anyone on any board. I have complimented people I feel worthy of compliments. I always give props to Danny Hurley because I like his style and non-ass kissing approach to the HS basketball business. My Grandson already has a St. Benedicts Shirt lol. I love the job Jay Wright does at Villanova and defended him when folks say he ran Kraidon Woods away from a scholarship which was 100% bogus. I like Mike Brey at ND and Al Skinner at BC. I also like what Norm Roberts has done this season as well as the future of Seton Hall University. Now with those statements folks will say I am dogging Rutgers. I am not! But if folks are so blinded that they can not see FHJ has alot of catching up to do and RU the University has to do their share regarding support to FHJ, facility improvement, and new marketing initiatives to attract fans, than something is very wrong. On the other hand I think people have to expect FHJ to get additional years and show improvement in the next two seasons!

It is also amazing how people feel if you compliment someone you are kissing up to them. Why can it not be you just strongly feel they are doing something worthy and right. Again kissing up is not my thing. I just love the game of basketball, especially on the HS and College level. Do I have an ego? I never thought I did but maybe I need to check myself. I write about basketball because it is a hobby and almost a passion. This is one of the best times of the year and I am in my glory. In addition, basketball is a great bonding tool for fathers and sons, friends, and associates. I know it has been very good to me and my family and I have never made 1 single cent. Free sneakers and a shirt or two? Yes! But never a single cent!

While talking about this I need to say to anyone reading this, what goes around comes around and sooner or later you might just run into that person you knocked and the person will be in position to help or hurt what you are doing. It is the reason why most college coaches maintain good working relationships with HS Coaches even if a player does not sign with their school. Let me give an example. Years ago a good guy who is no longer in the college basketball business but was an assistant coach at FDU said some rather rude things to me and some other folks. I told him he would see us again. And he did 4 years later when he came into 2 different homes to recruit players. As he walked in we just smiled at him. The players eventually signed with The University of South Carolina and Fordham. But we really did not do anything to hurt the guy but we could have.

Lastly I need to say that taking it out on me and attacking me because your team is not what you want it to be is sad. Just as folks do not have to read my blog, I could care less that they do not like me for my thoughts. But what some posters do not understand is others get turned off by what they say and do which is clear in the Lance Stephenson sweepstakes. SJU is not stupid! They are waiting until Lance decides on a college before deciding what will happen with the coaching staff. Sad that a 18 year old kid controls the destiny of grown men making alot of money. If Lance attends SJU Norm will be back. Hopefully he does but even if he does not, I hope SJU is fair. Oddly, I would bet the beating Norm takes from fans, and board posters will be part of the reasoning in where Lance decides to attend. Just as the postings from Rutgers folks will help Corey Chandler determine if he will return. And I know at least 3 super prospects who will not consider a certain school based on fans and perceptions they get from reading message boards and speaking to people they trust.

Well thats it for today and now it is close to NCAA kick off time. And before I forget I think UConn could win it all. But Louisville, and North Carolina are serious contenders. And if there are some serious typos in this basketball blog, please accept my apology.


Trey said...

its funny how relevant you feel your comments are. Im sure all the people you mention have a lot more people writing stuff about them whom are a lot more relevant than you that they may attention to rather than you.

LFBall said...

I am sure you are right. I also wish negitoids like you would not bother reading my little blog. Stay away and read more relevent stuff like the Adam Zagara stuff, He gets paid I do not and that alone says he should have better stuff. Have a great basketball life.

shupat08 said...

Ball... I know this comment does not reallyfit this comment.

I was at the North South All Star games on sunday. I saw that Javea King-Gilchrist was on the North roster I was excited to see him play since you rave about him.

And he really did nothing to impress me. Besides a couple nice in-the-paint dishes.

Now I know it's an All Star game and doesn't truly show a players skills, but I was surprised by his tentative and (as you would say) "Suburban" play in that game.

Your thoughts?

LFBall said...

I agree. I was stunned watching him play in the state champiuonship game as well. He was so tentitive that I became sick just thinking how I had raved about him. Thanks for not killing me on this. I do think he is a pretty good player who recently has played with zero fire. Early on he looked like TOP 100 type who no one knew. Even Jimmy Salmon, and Brian Crawford thought he was at least an A10 player. With work mentally this kid still could be good. Just not sure if he will ever be BE good.