Tuesday, March 10, 2009

A New Season and More

Today starts what many consider the second season for area Big East Teams. All three area teams will participate in the Big East Tournament at Madison Square Garden. And honestly anything can happen!

SJU vs Georgetown

This is a game made just for St. Johns. They are playing on one of their two home courts and should be able to win this game. If they do, it makes the Lance sweepstakes lottery even more of a possibility. They would than play Marquette in a tough but winnable game. I like St. John's chances!

Rutgers vs ND

Like I said anything can happen. I honestly think RU can upset the Fighting Irish if the players and coaches are prepared. Because it is the first day, I doubt the place will be full of ND fans which helps the RU cause. If FHJ goes to his veterans again it could be very interesting. Funny thing is if RU can pull off the upset, and I think they can, the next game is against West Virginia and they could win that game as well. Call me crazy!!!!

Seton Hall vs South Florida

South Florida has nothing to lose and will come out very loose. But Seton Hall, playing in front of friends and family should win this game and have a day off before taking on powerful UConn.(Oops I wrong and thanks to SPK from emailing me the correct information. The daily News had me confused lol) Seton Hall would than play Syracuse in a tough but winnable game before facing UConn. We all know UConn travels well and the place will seem like Hartford with all the Connecticut fans in attendance. But win or lose against UConn, and again in the BE anything can happen, this team should be in the NIT. No reason SHU should not have lots of fans at a game 20 minutes from their usual home court in Newark!

Well it is really an exciting time of the year as we prepare for the big dance. It's nice seeing teams going crazy after winning the smaller conference tournaments. Unfortunately I have to smile because for some it is like celebrating before heading off to be slaughtered. Like a new fighter winning his first bout and being happy that he goes against Mike Tyson in his prime the following month. But I guess it is about knowing you qualified and thinking your university, The University of Smallville, can beat a team like UConn, NC, etc. on a given day. Maybe that will happen. After all, Smallville is the home of Super Boy so maybe he is enrolled and will participate lol.

The start of March Madness or what I think it should called, March Joy, also reminds us that the AAU and travel team season is around the corner. This is where kids really earn scholarships. The travel circuit is a must for kids looking to play in college. One word of caution. Play on a team that will allow you to play and not sit. But also try to play on a team that college coaches know and watch. Some teams can travel all over the country and still not be seen because tournament organizers often put those teams with no rep on court 5 which could be around the corner and down the street.

Was on my way to the Patterson Catholic vs St. Anthony HS game yesterday. Fortunately I received a call from my man Jon Cano as I drove down route 89 headed for route 280. He informed me the game was sold out and the gym only held 400 people. I was amazed since it was only 3;45 PM. I thought about how messed up this was as I turned around to head back to Pennsylvania. This was a game that could have drawn 2000 people and made decent money for a struggling school like St. Anthony's. Why would they not put this game at a larger school, or college facility. Only in North Jersey LOL. Funny thing only a Hurley could do this and no one get upset because of the well deserved admiration for all he does and has does for young men. But for me, I still think the state of NJ should have mandatory seating limits for state games period.

Looking forward to seeing Teaneck make the state championship game at Rutgers University (If that is where they still play). I honestly feel Teaneck really has a few kids worthy of scholarships now and in the future. If they get to the championship game check them out. A real nice bunch of hard working and hard playing kids.

New Tournament in North Jersey

A good group of people are working hard to put together a HS showcase and tournament at a nice facility in North Jersey. Games will have Powerful teams from NYC and NJ including 4 girls and 8 boys teams. If it comes together it will be very special. They are just waiting for facility to get back to them as well as final confirmation from two sponsors.


SPK145 said...

How would Seton Hall get a day off if they beat USF? They would then play Syracuse on THEIR second home court tomorrow night. Would need to win that game (VERY, VERY difficult) in order to get a shot at UCONN.

LFBall said...

I knew somthing was wrong with the schedule I looked at lol. It did not show the syracuse game. Check the daily news lol. Thanks

Basketballdaddy said...