Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Day 2 and More

And we are off to the second season attempting to get to season 3 of 2009. 2 of the 3 local teams won opening round games in the BE tournament. Siena won the MAAC and their program looks solid as a rock. Will Fran leave to take a larger job somewhere in America? Time will tell because he is a super candidate along with Anthony Grant of VCU for the big time! Someone will get these two guys after their seasons end!

Rutgers vs ND
I honestly thought RU would win this game. Well it is over now and RU starts preparing for next season. FIG starts the first day of the rest of their lives and the RU coaches again will depend on new players next season. Will RU be better next season? Maybe they will if players work hard and improve. Maybe they will if the guy sitting out is good as FHJ says, and the incoming recruits are as good as some say. Me, I really do not want to sound too negative but as I said in a previous post the "IF' is huge but anything can happen. Just like Stephon Marbury will start at guard in next seasons NBA All star game in the back court next to Nate Robinson and coached by Mike D'antonio because the Knicks will be in first place heading into the 2010 all star break. Rutgers has a huge mountain to climb.

SHU vs South Florida
Told folks SF would be loose and play like they have nothing to loose. SHU won as they were supposed to. They are really an NIT team right now and are playing tonight against a tough team that they can beat. But again if this year turns out good, next season could be magical. SHU Fans should be out in force at the Garden since it is only 20 minutes from the Prudential Center. NO EXCUSES. I would love to see SHU win this game!

St. Johns vs Georgetown
Norm has to get at least 2 more years based on what he has done. he has quietly put SJU back into the picture as a players for great HS players and great local support from NY area fans. SJU to me is back regardless of the outcome today against Syracuse. Kids are thinking SJU again! I have no connects on this but I think Lance Stephenson really likes the idea of playing for St. Johns and helping them return to the glory years. And if he goes there, many others will follow! The game against Marquette is very winnable though challenging.

The season is over for Rutgers and a few fans still find time to say hurtful things about 3 kids who stuck it out there with a new coach who sometimes made them feel un-welcome. I wonder if the treatment this season of those kids and CC will impact future recruitment. More parents of recruited players read blog's and message boards than folks realize.

Patterson Catholic vs St. Patrick's at The RAC
Wonder if parking will still be $10. Game should be a good one but St. Patrick might be just a bit too talented and well coached for PC to compete with. JMHO!

Teaneck vs Shabazz at East Orange Campus HS
Game is Thursday and this is a game I will attend. I will be pulling for Teaneck to win this game. They better bring more than 1 busload of fans because Shabazz is almost down the street from East Orange and will have alot of folks cheering on their team.

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