Tuesday, December 9, 2008

I Am Back

Just arrived home from Barbados where I had business since Thursday. What a nice country with alot of kids playing hoops in the 85 degree temperature. But it looks like alot has been going on since I left.

Rutgers loses to Binghamton. WOW!!!! Are you kidding me? Well in all honesty Binghamton does have some good players and a coaching staff that gets the best out of the players on the team. And even though my man Julius Allen, who should have been grabbed by Rutgers, SHU, or St. Johns because he is that good working with players, and well connected from New England to Oklahoma, works at Binghamton, in no way should any Big east Team lose to a team from the America East! No way! And Rutgers lost to Binghamton on a day Tiki maybin scored something like 1 or 2 points and Theo Davis did not play since he will not be eligible until the 2nd semester at Binghamton.

What do I think? I think Rutgers needs to take the player leases off the kids in the program and allow them to play. It cannot be worst than what it is presently. I did not see the game but I continue to get reports that kids are playing not to make mistakes. They are scared, except Rosario, to even take some open looks. Rutgers is the last team that should be over coached.

What is this I now hear about Farmer being taken out of the starting line-up? Does anyone else realize that alot of basketball is mental. And at this time the RU team is mentally beat up. Questions remain if Corey Chandler will rebound back this season or is he lost until next season. Also I wonder what he is thinking about...ummmmmm? Is he happy? If not what happens next? I have somewhat of an idea how he is thinking but I will not share here. Inman is playing scared of the coach. Why? Because it is his senior year and he knows he has to be just as they want for him to see court time.

I agree about Greg E. A nice player but RU needs studs on the block who can step out and score as well. 9 points and 12 rebounds are great stats. But sooner or later scoring needs to tale place. Inman and Chandler both need to be in the starting line-up as well as Rosario and Farmer with the big fella in the middle.

Rosario should not be commenting on squat since he is only a freshmen. This is not his team yet. Who is he to make statements and more?

But again, losing to a school that was D2 about 6 years ago is un-acceptable. Will this impact future recruits. I say yes and not in a good way. Maybe Cheeks might commit based on feeling he will be the star year 1 lol.


Morris Leaves Rutgers and I am not convinced it is an actual loss. Sure you do not want players leaving. But in this case Mr. Morris is looking for playing time. I for one always thought he was not BE ready but could grow into the role of a BE player lol.

Will Cheeks sign with RU? I might be very wrong but I say NO. Peer pressure alone about kids attending the "local school" that lost to a former D3 school could be damaging. But than again he might just to be a star and not far from home.


darrenmaloney said...

I saw Rutgers at Rider in Trenton, Lehigh and Binghm. They are so poorly coached, have serious attitude issues, and this is going to get worse. Hill has the worst staff in Big East...not even close. Now the RU fans want Danny Nee (aka Cosmo Kramer) to coach? What a laugh!
On a good note Jim Carr had the towels folded nicely and didn't spill any of the water he gave to the kids!!!

LFBall said...

You and Jim Carr. We are going to set up a charity boxing match between the two of you lol. I am positive Jim reads this blog. I would bet on it because he used to comment to me about stuff I said when I posted on message boards. I honestly like Jim Carr and appreciate how he was in my corner years ago. to me he is far from the problem at Rutgers. I think those guys are just over doing it. Free Corey Chandler and allow Inman out of the doghouse and tell him to score.