Monday, December 1, 2008

Adam Z........... and They Win!

Before getting into today's post I need to say something. I have never met Adam Z. However I honestly feel he is great at what he does. I know I read his stuff daily and really enjoy what he writes. I do hope folks will not hold him to the stake over 1 incident with Bobby G. Both are grown men who will be laughing at what happened next summer. having an opinion is hard because for will always attack you for your thoughts. You can never please everyone. trust me I know lol. SHU folks think I am pro RU and RU folks think I am pro SHU. And the real truth is I am a huge supporter of NJIT lol. I really am! Why? because when a player graduates from there, they will be prepared for life and a very good job. No one will remember they lost every game a year ago when those past players are leaders in business and industry. They will be the ones buying luxury boxes at the Prudential Center along with grads from SHU and other schools in 15 years!

The local teams in the NY Metropolitan area are winning again. Even the Knicks....I think. Lets look at what happened.

Seton Hall beats The University of Delaware at the Prudential Center. Seems a few folks are disappointed in the performance of the Pirates. Me? Not at all! I agree with those who say a win is a win is a win. Every 1 point win counts as much as a 20 point win. No one gives extra points based on how much you win by.

Good to see Jordan Theodore play well. This kid has heart and game and made a huge decision committing to Seton Hall University knowing he might not start for 2 seasons. Kids usually do this at schools like North Carolina and Duke and wait there turn to star and start. Most good HS guards would opt for a place they feel they could start right away, even if in the back of their mind they knew it would be a hard thing to accomplish. Jordan is just accepting his role and playing well.

Mike Davis will play better. I honestly feel he just had one of those games. It might have been hard on him going against a real undersized team he could not bump with.

But in a nutshell, SHU has a record they know is very acceptable as they continue the out of conference portion of their schedule.

Rutgers Wins

From what I have read and heard, the game was quite ugly. But as I said earlier a win is a win is a win. Rutgers could have lost this game also but found the strength to win despite not having a game fans wanted them to have. But it is OK.

Games like this gives this young team an opportunity to grow as a unit and team. Not so sure about the 9 starter stuff FHJ is talking about. I think win, lose, or draw, kids need to know and accept their roles. Nothing different here. It is what it is, and it is the Coaches decision and not the players.

However I still feel a coach on the college level needs to also be an advisor and maybe a therapist. It is so important to know your players inside and out. It is not just coaching games and running practices. Certain kids accept roles better than others. And if role reversals do not hurt the team, it is what you do to get the most out of players.

This brings me to Corey Chandler. I honestly feel Rutgers could lose him mentally for the season because it is so hard for him to accept playing 17 minutes off the bench looking over his shoulder until Coach Hill sits with him and tells him to just play through the mistakes. He also is starting material. And coming off the bench is harder for him than it would be for Mike Coburn. Maybe Mike could accept that role better than Corey. If RU wants to get all gears running correctly they need to figure this out very soon. It is no better time to do this than the early out of conference games.

As far as line-ups. I still like Farmer, Rosario, Chandler, Inman, And Hamedy, with Greg E and Mike C first off the bench. I think that would provide more early scoring and a serious anchor in the middle on defense.

The Knicks

Forgot all about them again.........oooooops

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