Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Tuesday Thoughts

Well tonight is a big game for Seton Hall University. They go into the Carrier Dome to play a Syracuse Team with very tough kids who can play. When a team combines the toughness with skill they become very dangerous. SHU does have a chance but I hate to say it but if The Hall had the guys sitting out it would be a heck of a physical and talent match-up.

Speaking of SHU. I said two years ago that both Rutgers and Seton Hall needed to get involved with Terrence Roderick from Allentown Pa. Terrence is a 6 ft 5 wing/point/slashing guard with GAME! Kid is a real winner and has toughness based on playing alot in Philly with Sam Rhines Teams on the AAU circuit and at a prep school run by Sam.

I remember talking to his Dad at a Allen HS game when his son was playing. Dad is originally from Newark NJ if I remember correctly and really wanted the NJ schools to recruit his son. So though Terrence grew up in Northern Pennsylvania, his roots are in Newark where he has alot of family. This would be a tremendous pick-up for Seton Hall because this kid makes folks around him better. I was stunned he did not go to a higher profile program in the first place.

Rutgers plays 3 tough games in a row. I think it is a great thing. It should be used as a recruiting tool especially after the soft pre conference schedule they played. And again I need to shout out Fred Hill for the tremendous job he did against North Carolina despite the final outcome. As I always say I only call it AS I (just me) see it. That's why this blog is called LFBallonHoops.

I need to pass on a name to all the mid major guys who visit this blog. Some of you can expect a call from me on this soon. Teaneck has a kid named Javae Gilcrest who is a very good mid major type point guard. In fact, with better exposure he could be a high major guy. According to many who have watched him, his ideal stats are 18 points and 15 assists. When I watched him he seemed to make everyone around him better. In fact I had heard alot about this kid who is a Queen of Peace transfer now playing for his home town HS team, Teaneck. Coaches need to call his coach, Curtis March at Teaneck HS ASAP. This kid could be special in the future.

Manhattan loses again. All I can say is wow! Hopefully they will get it going.

Did anyone else see the Younger Curry clips during the Davidson vs College of Charleston game? The younger Curry kid looked more fluid and athletic than his older brother. WOW! How did coaches miss two in a row. Oops I forgot it's about the ratings and he was only a 3 star HS player! I just hope he has a ESPN game soon. Curious to see if Mom and Dad are at his games also. Hard to make games when both sons are on separate teams.

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