Saturday, December 13, 2008

Saturday Morning Thoughts

I was still waiting for confirmation on the Dominic Cheek to Villanova verbal. I had not heard or seen 1 story saying he actually pulled the trigger last night. Did he or did he not? That is the question I had on my mind.

It seems like Villanova is the place he will play his college basketball. I just wanted to read about his press conference.

Now as I said earlier, he seems Nova bound. But I had a hunger to find out what was happening. For some strange reason no one had it posted. Than I went to the Newark Star Ledger and there it was. Cheek to Nova.

Great pick-up for Jay Wright. Great place for Cheek. Not too far and not too close. Great academics and wonderful atmosphere to play ball.

HS Game

I attended the big Stroudsburg vs Pocono Mountain West basketball game on Friday evening. And what a disappointment it was. The game was the equivalent of a NYC, or Northern NJ JV game. In fact the game was so bad talent wise (not that the kids did not have skills, they were just NOT DEVELOPED by the coaching staff's) it makes Teaneck vs Kennedy in Northern NJ seem like The Boost Mobile Shootout.

I am really sorry to even post this but I am based on me making such a big deal of it on my blog yesterday. How any kid with potential could play for these schools is beyond me, but hey at least they are having fun and enjoying playing the game. Before I left, which was 2 minutes into the 3rd quarter, I watched Riley Moye, the 6 ft 9 post player from Stroudsburg, very closely to better assess where I feel he could play.

As I mentioned yesterday, this kid has ability and game. Problem is he needs to develop a hunger for the ball and learn to bend down when playing the game. He does everything standing straight up. Now he CAN run, shoot, pass, rebound, and block shots. He just does it in a way he almost looks un-interested. If this kid ever attended a St. Patrick's, St. Anthony's, Cardoza, Kennedy (NYC), or even Plainfield or Teaneck, he would already be a better player based on hunger for the ball and ability to compete on every play. If he just opened his mouth more and demanded the ball he would look 50% more aggressive and be recruited by schools at a much higher level. I still think schools should be all over him because once he gets better instruction and shoulder up motivation, he will be just fine. He did score 20 points in what was a 10 point or so loss. But at this time he is definitely in the lower "B" league of NYC competition wise. Oddly 3 schools called me yesterday after reading this blog to say they are going to watch him play closely in the next few weeks. I am sure they will see great potential.

More College Basketball

Is it just me or does it seem the local college basketball scene is getting a bit boring. The Big East season cannot arrive quick enough. Thus far alot has been such a downer!

Rutgers situation with JR Inman and Corey Chandler

SHU suspensions that could have cost them a game

RU losses to Lehigh, St. Bonnie's, and Binghamton

RU AD loses his job

Local kids looking out of the area for college and local colleges under recruiting local kids who could help them

Where is the press coverage? Where is the positive stories?

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