Sunday, September 7, 2008

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Inman and Griffin Suspended?

What is this all about? I think it is confusing when schools and coaching staffs suspend players without an explanation. This causes people to ASSUME! Fans, especially those with hate agendas, start thinking the worst. Did they get caught with Drugs? Was it a fight? Did they act disrespectful to a Professor? Were they out drinking at night? Were they caught with girls in a bad situation? Did they miss team meetings or skip classes? No one knows, and that leads people to create stories and guess what the suspensions are about. This hurts because these kids will have to enter the world of work soon, because playing basketball is not forever. This makes their character questioned, and what these two kids have done might not be anywhere near as bad as people are assuming.

As far as suspensions? You commit the ACTUAL CRIME (You are guilty), YOU DO THE TIME! Both JR and Griffin need to step up and be leaders on this RU team. With so much recent positive information in the papers, this recent story is a let-down. However, I agree with FHJ on not letting anyone get away with anything. Big difference in how FHJ handles stuff in comparison to guys like Slick Rick and Cal. Notice FHJ did not kill these guys in the press like Rick does. Hopefully it will work out for the best. But it really seems like JR and FHJ are like oil and water. FHJ has to do what is right for the RU Program.

Speaking about killing folks in the press. More on the Derrick Character saga. Seems he was scheduled to attend Southern Mississippi. Not sure what happened. Is it on? Is it off? I even heard a few local mid majors were contacted by a certain close advisor to DC. What really is sad? DC is a great kid! Lazy? Maybe! But still a great kid. It is so sad when we look at kids who are discovered at an early age and really exploited by folks who see dollar signs. This kid has been hurt by many, including those very close to him. Sneaker companies have been on him since he was an 8th grader. Coaches have been pulling on him. High schools have kissed his butt with the exception of St. Patrick's, who really tried believe it or not to prepare him. I honestly think he has little or no chance of an NBA career. He might make some money in Italy, but with lazy habits it could easily be a career in The Soviet Union or China and than back each summer for The Entertainers Classic at Rucker Park. Too bad because again, this kid is a good person. I am pulling for him to get it together and make all of us say WOW LOOK AT DC!

Lets look at the game College Coaches are playing with kids. Some are masters at the image thing. I hope folks take a good look at what I am saying here. The new thing is GPA and Graduation rates. Another way of exploiting kids. Some kids, like DC for example, are taken off scholarship and replaced by a below average playing kid whose family could be friends to the program or head coach. It also is convenient that the kid, who was previously was a walk-on, has 3.9 GPA. The ex scholarship player who is taken off scholarship for un-named infractions, is let back on the team right in September only if he pays his own tuition. Of course it is worked out that the tuition is paid by someone else and that someone else might just be the former walk-on's family who happen's to be very wealthy. Or it could just be some unknown guy making up the difference in Pell grants. What does this do? It increases the teams GPA and helps the graduation rate which will look good in the press. Someone should check out team GPA's and graduation rates in the BE, ACC, and SEC. Than check out who is on scholarship and of those, how many are former walk-on's? By the way, DC just might re-surface at Louisville. YOU NEVER KNOW!

When I make typos it is a huge thing. Others can do the same thing and it is OK because they might have had a drink lol. OK 6 ft 5 Greg E. Must be another player we did not know about. Heck, it is all good because Hoops has paid dues and we all know he is an exceptional writer and better person. I am no Hoops, and never will be. I am just thankful to be able to check his stuff out daily. Plus he is a GREAT GUY!

Bobby Gonzalez still has not filled his DOBO position at SHU. Bobby, hire Bobby Holford!! That will help you in more ways than 1. Trust me. Right now SJU is in the drivers seat with young NYC Players with their recent hires. Bobby Holford counters this! Plus he can coach and teach his butt off!

What is this new rule allowing some schools to have a huge staff. Memphis must have 10 folks on the bench with non coaching titles. Director of Academic Enhancement, Parental Liaison, Equipment GURU, Special Assistant, Travel Coordinator, Special Asst to the Assistant Coaches, etc. lol. Of course I am making these titles up. But it is an unfair advantage because some schools with huge budgets can just create a position for someone they feel can bring players. Soon, we will see more suits on the bench than actual players.

Last Item. It seems fans often give up on older players in favor of "New Kids." Thus the case with Greg Echenique , the 6 ft 8 player from Ridgewood NJ via St. Benedict's. Well I will keep my thoughts on this to myself since I have watched him and the other recruits very closely for 3 years. Will he be what folks expect? Is he a hard worker? Does he get after it daily? Did he benefit PR wise from attending SBP and playing with great talent? We will see! But it seems some people think he will be better than Griffin, JR, The Big Fella, etc. I for one think he picked the best school he could have despite the Duke rumors Etc. Kid has a great chance of excelling at Rutgers because they love him and did not just want him as I always say. But will he be a star? ummmmmmmmmmmm

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