Friday, September 12, 2008

Some Thoughts

Just a few short posts for Friday

Seton Hall is so talented and it seems some folks are not really looking at the entire picture. At IS8 in Queens, they say bring your game and not your name! Well many on the SHU roster have great names and rankings, but THEY ALSO HAVE GAME!

Pope, Stix Mitchell, NUNU Harvey, Keon Lawrence, Jeremy Hazell, A new and improved Mike Davis, Garcia who I raved about when he was in HS, and more, this team will be a tough game for anyone they play when all these guys take the court. Tell me one of these guys is not a legit BE name, or talent. people need to think what it will look like with Pope at PF, Stix at SF, Davis/Garcia at Center, NuNu at PG, and Hazell at SG with Keon averaging around 12 a game off the bench. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? This is a very good team and if they gel, watch out.

Rutgers also has good talent but I am sorry to say not quite what SHU has. I also like SHU's experience. They have 3 transfers who played very well in D1 basketball already.

For RU I think they do have talent. Some will be tested. I love how folks are putting Greg E. right into the starting line-up. I can not wait to see his first game because I have a certain feeling about what we all will see for at least 2 years. But I doubt we will see what we will see in Mr. Pope and Mr. Mitchell. JMHO.

Now in Rosario we will see a star in the making. Ditto Mr. Chandler, especially if he distributes the ball a little more this season. Pat Jackson will compete for minutes hard. TRUST ME! Farmer will be Steady. Coburn will be a spark off the bench, JR will average 14 or more a game this season when he returns, and The Big Fella will dominate the paint, at least defensively. I still find it refreshing how the international players accept roles easier than those raised here. He just wants to play, block shots, run the court, and compete. It is why he will play in the NBA one day. And I said this b4 anyone else and folks laughed.

Delaware and Binghamton will give RU and SHU tougher games than folks expect. Good thing Theo Davis will not suit up for the SHU game. He is a very good defensive player who can score.

Not sure what the deal is with SJU this season. But I do know they will get players for the future. So the future is bright at SJU

Win wise, I would love to go to Vegas and bet the odds that RU, SHU, and SJU will have better records than the experts predict. I also think SHU will be a first tier team next season when Harvey is a senior.

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