Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The Season Is Getting Close!

Well we are getting very close to another HS and College basketball season. I am very excited about what the future holds for many teams and players on the east coast. I for one feel all three major D1 schools in the tri-state area will be improved. I also feel that Villanova and UConn will again be powerful and hard to beat teams. As far as the mid and low majors are concerned,even NJIT should win a game or two this season.

On the HS front the NJ teams seem very strong, especially teams such as St. Anthony's, St. Patrick's, St. Benedict's, Patterson Catholic, Linden, and maybe Plainfield. In NYC I look for Rice to be Rice, who despite not having a real gym, continues to attract great talent and win games because of a great coach in Maurice Hicks. Many others have lost players for a variety of reasons which will make the NYC CHSAA race wide open. In the PSAL it will be the same folks led by a tremendous team at Lincoln, as well as the usual good teams at Cardoza, JFK, Boys and Girls, and more.

Player wise my area Player of the Year is Lance Stephenson of Lincoln. Outstanding Player and classy person award goes to Dexter Strickland of St. Patrick's. Best future potential wise goes to Dominic Cheek of St. Anthony. Number 1 team will be St. Anthony. Most improved Public School team will be Clifton based on a good coach who will start a true program. Team taking a dip in win column will be St. Raymond's.
Public School in NYC that is fast becoming a program is Jefferson.

Is it me or has NJ passed NYC in turning out High D1 players.

What is the difference between a 5 star and 4 star recruit? I honestly feel the difference is political for 50% of the kids. I always felt Tom Konchalski rated
private school kids higher than public school kids.

Was thinking about how Kevin Bannon will be a HS Coach this season. I honestly feel it is GREAT! Those kids will learn so much from him and if any have D1 potential he will get it out of them as well as provide great advice. I am sure if he stays a few years that HS will be a true program and contender. He is way to competitive to have it any other way. Thank God someone gave him an opportunity!

Herb Pope to SHU! Talk about transfers all you wish, but the transfers at SHU can all ball with the best of them. My friends in Pittsburgh think Pope is a potential NBA player. So lets look at next season at The Hall. Pope, Sticks, Lawrence, Garcia, Davis, Hazell, Harvey, ..................Etc. They will be experienced and very good. Patience SHU Fans. Good things are coming your way.

Rutgers plays University of Delaware in Newark Delaware? All I say is do not sleep the Hens at home, in the first game of the season. The Bob will have close to a sell out for that game.

I spoke to a great D1 assistant by phone the other day. This is a guy I admire and think the world of. He asked me what I was saying to The Dad of Tobias Harris at the Boost Mobile Game. For the record I would love to see him stay local and really think he would add alot to any of the High D1 programs in the area. I did tell Torrel that his son should go where he is LOVED as opposed to where he is just wanted! I also talked about The Louisville saga involving Derrick Character. I was telling him how wrong it was to dog DC in the paper. I told him how Sean Banks received the same treatment from Memphis years ago. Little did I know at the time They were also looking at Louisville as a possible destination.

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