Sunday, September 28, 2008


Jim Couch Games

Jim Couch, a legendary NYC Coach and Mentor has his 2nd annual all star games scheduled for Saturday, October 18th, 2008 at Kennedy HS in the Riverdale section of the Bronx. From the George Washington Bridge it is only 8-10 minutes and from the Tri-boro or Whitestone Bridges around 20 minutes. 3 games will take place including a Freshmen game, Girls game, and a HS All-Star featuring many of the top players from the NYC tri-state area including Lance Stephenson and Tobias Harris. The festivities kick off at 1:30 noon and admission is only $10. Come and see the star players your favorite schools are recruiting. This will be a very exciting day with great games and great basketball conversations.

Lance Stephenson visits St. Johns for a day

This was a huge get for the SJU coaching staff. Seems like they are right in there with many talented players. All they have to do now is close a few deals the way Louie C. did it years ago. I think SJU has a chance for this true program changer based on him looking at the NBA and only the NBA. Lance must see that he could be a star faster at SJU than anywhere else he is considering, despite his great talent!

Lance at SJU helps Lance and SJU equally, even if it is only for one year. Lance opens the flood gates for other area and national kids recruitment. SJU will be on the lips of everyone. On the court, the Red Storm will be a better team as long as they get others in addition to Lance. But with Lance, we are looking at a person who will somewhat dominate from day one on the biggest stage in America, New York City! If he averages 16 points, 4 assists, and 5 rebounds, he will be a top 10 pick in the NBA draft based on rep alone. He will have his own sneaker, and the sky is the limit. Heck, his dad might even get his own sneaker!

Now if Lance decides to go to one of the other places, he is taking a chance on his future because despite how good he is, many coaches have tremendous ego. Think Derrick Character or Sean (See what happens, I cannot even remember his last name now! Is it Bell?) ? would have gone through what they did if they attended SJU, RU, or SHU? I doubt it!! Still remember John Caliperi dogging Sean in such a way it has been difficult for him to make an NBA roster. Maybe this year, but the window is slowly closing because each year after your coming out year it becomes more difficult to make a team (see Omar and Lenny Cook). How about Derrick Character? He would be at his NBA teams camp by now after being a first round draft choice (with hard work, etc. of course).

When a kid like Lance comes along, he has to make sure he steps into a situation where he will be the main attracting from day 1. He really has that opportunity right now at SJU. It is a situation and opportunity he cannot afford to miss!

Tobias Harris

Now this is another story. Tobias needs to be at a program that loves him and not just wants him, as many do when they just stockpile players. This kid would be ideal at Rutgers with the great guards there! Now some folks get on me based on how they think I feel about certain situations. There are some issues I have with certain individuals working at Rutgers. But that does not include Fred Hill, and Craig Carter! I also love what happens to RU Grads!!! My man Shayle Keating is doing quite well and even considering law School. I can provide names of many more successful basketball alumni from Rutgers. Plus, the academic support folks there are OUTSTANDING, especially my man Mark Peterson!

But where ever Tobias attends he will be a great addition because he understands the game and plays it well at his pace. Inside, outside, team player, outstanding person off the court, tough on the court, and a true competitor. All this despite being quite the middle class kid he is lol. He has alot of meat in the refridgerater but it has not made him lazy or soft,

New Player in DC Area

All you college coaches get ready for a future national top 10 recruit who just arrived in Maryland last week from Africa. 6 ft 11 and classified as either a Freshmen or Sophomore at Arch Bishop Spalding HS, the same school that Rudy Gay attended. He is now working out a former college coach in the Bowie Md. area and from what I hear from my sources, he is "FOR REAL!" First name is Ivan from what I hear. But this kid will be on everyone's recruiting list within a few weeks. I Think the person working him out is Ed Myers.

Folks have really slept on Riley Moye, a 6 ft 8 player still growing from Stroudsburg, Pa, HS. Kid will be even better in college where the comp is better AND COACHING MORE INTENSE. RUNS, JUMPS, PASSES, AND SHOOTS. Binghamton University better offer soon because I hear alot of folks are headed down route 80 to see this kid work out!

OK what is the hold up Mr. Famous? If SHU offers you a scholarship it would be great for you and them. Close to home and going to a place where you are loved not just wanted. Plus, The Prudential Center will be a special place in the very near future. Great talent and a group of exceptional, knowledgeable, and passionate fans.

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