Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Mr. Famous and More

Recruiting is really heating up. I spoke to two well respected D1 coaches who watched Mr. Jarrid Famous work out at Westchester Community College a week or so ago. Seems Missouri, Maryland, and Seton Hall see more in him than St. Johns and Rutgers. My buddies say who ever saw him play bad, saw him on a very bad night. One friend who is an ex D1 assistant says Mr. Famous would be best big man at St. Johns since Zendon Hamilton.

Mr. Famous will be at Seton Hall for an official visit this week. I have heard that he is a priority recruit for Bobby Gonzalez. In fact, one well known D1 Assistant Coach who is an exceptional teacher, has even helped SHU recruit this young man based on his relationship with Dermon Player and Bobby Gonzalez. At one time years ago, Dermon Player was his coach at Riverside Church.

Now the many who at one time said Mr. famous is not a BE talent seem to be singing his praise as they post encouraging messages to him on the SHU board. Great to see those GREAT and normally very knowledgeable (could be best HS talent evaluators, reporters,and fans in entire BE)come to their senses.

Well I think SHU has a great chance to get this players. And I think he would excel. But I also know the others are doing all they can to get him. Please do not be surprised if he sits out the Westchester season if his Coach, Winston Nicholas, does not return in time for the season after being out sick. That would mean he would have 3 years eligibility.

Now just imagine if SHU has Famous, Pope, Mitchell, Davis, Garcia, Glover (MANCHILD), Hazell, Lawrence, and Harvey. I could take that team to the post season lol. And if Glover suits up? WATCH OUT because he is a MAN and takes no crap!!

Binghamton and Niagara both are very interested in 6 ft 9 Riley Moye from Stroudsburg Pa. HS. This kid will be a star in his second year of college.

So Noel Johnson decides to attend Southern California. That is a real surprise but the kid really has game. And yes his Dad's name is Cheese, but it is a nick name. His real name is Lymbert Johnson, thus the Cheese nickname.

Looks like Greg Vatrone (sp), the ex UNLV Assistant has returned home to FDU where he started his D1 coaching career. This makes FDU a real threat on the recruiting trail with Tom Green, Ron Brown (One of the GREAT people in college basketball and a heck of a coach and recruiter), and Vatrone who knows how to get it done. Still remember coaching Vatrone in summer ball at King Towers in NYC. Tony hargraves (ex Iona star) and I had to threaten him to play a game against a team sponsored by a local drug lord who paid all his players, many of whom were D1 Stars at BE Colleges and universities. Greg played well and we played a 1-3-1 and almost pulled the huge upset against an all star team.

Again I say Rutgers vs University of Delaware at the Bob Carpenter Center in Newark Delaware could be a very hard game for Rutgers. UD has some talent and will have a capacity crowd for this game.

Seton Hall also faces a tough task against Binghamton University. They have a very good team and based on the early date they will play, it could be a tough game for Seton Hall. Binghamton has some very good talent and very good coaching. Remember the name Tiki Mayburry (sp). Great talent who somehow found his way to Binghamton.


SPK145 said...

From the several videos I've seen of Famous, I'm not enamored with him. Horrible hands, little basketball IQ.

But if Gonzo wants him, I want him.

LFBall said...

You are so wrong about him. Trust me Maryland and Missouri are offering him and want him very bad. My connects love him. You might have saw him the 3 worst times possible. This kid is in dmand and can play!