Friday, September 5, 2008


Ok lets give credit where credit is due. Fred Hill Junior has done a terrific job since the RU season ended. He has gotten new players who can really play the game. He has already gotten involved with class of 2010 players who can be impact players. But what he has just done is EXCEPTIONAL!

Getting Danny Nee to sit near him on the Rutgers bench is similar to what Calhoun did at UConn with George Blaney. Are you kidding me? Danny Nee!! Danny is an outstanding coach and has years of head coaching experience. This is just what the Doctor ordered and I think it is enough to push RU to post season contention. Nee will be great with JR Inman, Farmer, and Griffin. He along with Hill and the current staff will make everyone on RU better players. And game time and game strategy goes to another level now. This is one of the best hires ever made in local college basketball based on need.

So folks watch out for RU now, and especially in years to come.

Now what does this mean locally? It means we are close to having a great 3 school high major D1 rivalry. Why do I feel this way? Because Seton Hall will be much better than people say. Plus in another year when Mr. pope becomes eligible to go with Keon, Sticks, Hazell, Harvey, Davis, and other kids they will get, SHU seems NCAA bound again. St. Johns will surprise folks this season and be even better next season with alot of new talent attracted in part by some new hires.

But again, when you get a guy like Danny Nee sitting next to you, despite some backage, you have no choice but to improve. Big East Basketball really will be better this season and next because all the local teams in the NY tri-state area are getting better. And a strong rivalry will get many kids to stay home while attracting good players from other areas of the country.

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