Thursday, January 5, 2012

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Basketball ie a wonderful game. It is a game that brings the best out of us as players, coaches, and even fans. On the East coast of the United States I have noticed fans are alot more into "their" teams than those on the West coast are. Look at Knick fans and than check out Laker fans. One group is a rah-rah group while the other is a wine and cheese group, which is the norm there. Well recently I have watched a few college games and see how fans can influence a game and bring out the best in players and a team in general. If you think Rutgers fans against Florida were not helpful in their upset victory, you are wrong. In fact at least once a year Rutgers fans are better than those fans at Cameron Indoor Stadium, which is just a big HS type Gym, on the Duke University campus.

This brings me to my point. Why are certain fans only interested in cheering at certain games? Where were all those Rutgers fans for the West Virginia game? Where was the lift the Rutgers team needed last night?  We all know what happened last night so no need in re-visiting what was a complete let down by the home team. To lose is one thing, but to not compete in another. Now the fans did not lose this game, the RU team and players did. I am sure they were prepared, I am sure they wanted to win, I am just not sure the players had the right approach heading into the WVA game that they had facing ex teammate Mike Rosario and Florida. Honestly playing Florida was not exactly playing the top team in the country or even playing and beating a team like Duke, which is what Temple University did last night in Philly. Beating The University of Florida was great and a huge win. But beating WVA could have been more important based on it being a conference game against a school who feels the Big East is not a match for its sports program.  Where were the diehard fans and supporters? Where was the mystique of the RAC, once considered one of the hardest places in the country for opposing teams to play?  Rutgers has very good young talent and they and the fan base needs to continue to develop in the future and hopefully they will.

Was reading the Seton Hall Rivals board yesterday and interesting to me is the fact those fans understand all aspects of the college game. From recruitment to how the program runs, they are fully in touch.  This season they also seem much more patient with the Pirates, maybe because of the great start, maybe because they fully understand what it takes to win. Or it could be they finally understand almost every player being recruited by SHU reads the rivals basketball boards along with the families of the players. Trust me I know this for a fact! In fact many read this blog as well. I just wonder if certain kids would have committed to Seton Hall if they did not sign so early based on the way they are playing thus far? Ummmmmmmmmmmmm, somthing to think about.  I still say it is important for kids to play in an environment they are comfortable in and supported. For that reason I again question kids going to schools with zero fan support but a pretty campus. Heck if you want zero fan support attend FDU and be close to home. You could even have an after game hoagie and a soda there!

The more I think about it the better Hofstra and Iona look for the future. If I was a local BE school I am not sure I would play either one of them next season lol.

Has FDU won a game? Anyone attending games? Why am I asking the obvious?

HS Basketball

Let me make one thing perfectly clear. In my HARLEM NEIGHBORHOOD we often used the term "Thugged Them" as a reference to out toughed the other team.  In no way was I saying the Plainfield Players were thugs on my blog. What I was doing was complimenting them on their toughness period!
And yes Plainfield was the tougher team because they really took the game from Hudson Catholic, a team with at least 5 D1 players! My apologies to those who took what I said wrong.

After a great Sunday at The Playaz New Years Jump-Off, the rest of the season seems so low key. What ever happened to the Slam Dunk at The Beach with Bobby Jacobs? What has happened to the Prime Time Shootout at The Arena in Trenton New Jersey? OK I know the Prime Time is still in existence but being played at Kean University. Problem is the field is just not that attractive again this year. They have very good teams but at one time they had The Best Teams in The Country! Similar to how the Beach-Ball Classic was years ago in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Now the teams might be in an event but they tend to play against others they are guaranteed to beat, even though every now and than a team such as Rutgers Prep gets an upset victory only top lose to some unknown school a few games later.  This is what made the Playaz New Years Jump-Off so special. The great match-ups!

Top Teams This Week

1. St. Anthony's
2. St. Benedict's
3, Plainfield
4. Teaneck
5. St. Patricks
6. Gil St. Bernards
7. St. Josephs of Metuchen  
8. Hudson Catholic
9. Seton Hall Prep

Top seniors in the state of New Jersey

Top Seniors or shall I say my super 10

1. Kyle Anderson St. Anthony's

2. Melvin Johnson  St. Benedict's

3. Chris Jones - Teaneck.

4. Quinton Decosey - St. Joseph's  of Metuchen

5. Blaise Mbargorba - Peddie   
6.  Dallas Anglin- Seton Hall Prep 

7.  Jimmy Hall - St. Anthony's

8.  Btandon Taylor - Trenton Catholic
9.  Justin Sears - Plainfield   

Tie For Number 10

10. Jerome Finke - St. Anthony's

10. Sekou Harris - Plainfield 

10. Charles Cook - Trenton Catholic

2 Players with Great Upside who are far from any top 10 list.
But a good JC or Prep year would make them very good

Omar Sotolongo      6 ft 7   Dwight Morrow HS  Englewood, NJ
Austin Mofunanya    6 ft 6   Dwight Morrow HS  Englewood, NJ

Next up

Top HS Coaches
Top College Coaches
Top Underclassmen
Top Players Regardless of Class
Top AAU Programs
Top Non Coaching Teachers of The Game

Stay tuned!!!

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