Sunday, January 22, 2012

Quick Hits on a Football Sunday

Having HS basketball games in North Jersey is very difficult today with the Giants game sceduled. But there will be some great action in Englewood that folks need to attempt to check out.

Noticed many of the HBCU's  (Historical Black Colleges and Universities), which by the way have wonderfully and rightfully integrated their basketball teams,  are starting to understand the commitment needed to be D 1 programs. I see attendance in both the MEAC and SWAC really improved this season. In fact Hampton had close to 7000 for their home loss to a powerful Norfolk State University team last night!

It seems St. Johns is oh so close,  yet oh so far in getting where they need to be. Close game yesterday at The Garden with over 10,000 in attendance. All they need now is Seton Hall's Curtain which might not be needed by next season.

Seton Hall is still exciting and the best in the area.

Rutgers is exciting as well

The games involving RU, SHU, and SJU could be very special this season.

The games between SJU, RU, and SHU will definitely impact marketability of each program and recruitment success in the future. Trust me kids are watching the results and looking at attendance figures except the kids that choose Miami.

Still thinking about Aquille Carr! Wow! How much are those SHU season tickets?

Iona is really good!

FDU is really bad!

Just heard the NJAC rejected FDU. Said they wanted a better program more committed to winning. They are reaching out to Caldwell College!

I hate the way All County Teams are chosen in NJ. Popularity contests  more than anything else.  Year after year they pick based on a particular coaches clout or via an old boy behind the scene network.

In Bergen County, Teaneck has the 4 best players in the county on its great team and the Coach of the Year, and assistant Coaches of the year if there was such a thing. What will happen? They will take 2 kids from Teaneck, and the rest will be guys nowhere as good in the ten they choose and the other 2 Teaneck Kids will be 2nd Team.  Crazy!

Coach of the year in Bergen County should be Jerome Smart. What might happen is they give it to some guy I do not even know at Ft. Lee or Old Tappan because he went from winning 2 games last season to winning 4 this season. Plus he hangs with the guys who vote. Crazy!

Same with the Girls picks. Do not like a coach and they take it out on the players by not voting for them. Sad and alot of other things I will not say on this blog but if you email me or call me I sure will give my opinion.

I was thinking about Sean Banks after talking to my basketball buddy JSHUTTLESWORTH yesterday. What is he doing? Is it too late? What happened? Is he the only one to blame for not being in the NBA despite having NBA talent? I say no! John Calipari shares the blame in ways I also will not mention on here. But what a waste! I wish him well though and hope he does have a productive life!

Michael Gilchrist has made me a believer in more ways than one. I guess he is as good as they said he was when he rarely showed at HS showcase events inn the off season. I thought he was hiding from the better players. Silly me he was only resting to prepare for a great freshmen season and a season that makes me think no one in America plays as hard as he does. Will he leave this year?

Since I am thinking about players let me ask the following:

What ever happened to Anthony Perry?
Where is Seth Brown?
Anyone see Eugene Harvey?
Where is  Keith Hughes?
Is Dejuan Wagner around? Is his Dad still coaching in College? If not?
What about Billy Thompson?
Does Lenny Cook still come around?
Omar Cook?

On another note I heard that FDU does have a Hall of Fame. Unfortunately Tom Green is not a member. Talk about being mistreated! Person who sent me this info feels the court at the FDU arena (arena lolololol) should be named after him. I agree! Honestly I think if they hire a new coach he should be reconsidered along with a new AD.  Maybe he should be the AD and hire the new coach. Talk about poetic justice!

I asked about past players because people need to understand basketball is temporary and the fuss made over young players goes away quickly, especially if they do not live up to the hype. If Stephon Marberry walked through Coney Island in July he would not be made over as he was in HS. Ditto Sabastian Telfair  and the others!  Pearl Washington as good as he was is not made over in Brooklyn.

Lenny Cook would be just a person at a game today as would Omar Cook. Just guys watching! Do you think Lenny Cook is a fan of Lebron James? Or does he have flashbacks every time he see's him on TV? Honestly LeBron should send Lenny a little check for allowing him to be on the stage with him at ABCD camp in Teaneck many years ago. Thats when it all started and the rest is positive and negative history.

This is why you work hard and have non basketball plans for the day it all ends. Nothing like an angry wannabe!

The Lenny Cook story would be a great one for TV and to be used in schools all over America.

I wonder what ever happened to that wonderful and sincere family, and I mean that sincerely, who really tried to help him by allowing him to live with them in Old Tappan NJ?

Does anyone feel Fred Hill Jr. will be able to really recruit the NY metro area anytime soon?

Will Aquille Carr ever play a game at Seton Hall? I sure hope so!

Binghamton is still perfect in the win/loss category. They have not won a game. Think the coach is safe? Great opportunity up there and they support that team!

Delaware, Ole Delaware. Mike Brey was a PR machine and good coach who got it done. Sellouts every game, huge support, and winning teams. Now......?  Another great job! I still say Delaware blew it by not hiring  Kevin Willard after offering him the position a few years back. DUMB DUMB DUMB! He was Mike Brey but younger! Thats what happens when you feel you are better and holier than thou!

Saw the new arena, yes arena, at Boston University. What a nice facility! They are now a true mid major player for the top transfers and very good players not going high major. Watch out FDU, there is competition.

That's it for now!  Off to the super market to pick up goodies for the football game today. And the funny thing is I am not even a huge football fan.

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