Saturday, January 14, 2012

Saturday, January 14,2012

College Basketball

Biggest news from yesterday was South Florida upsetting Seton Hall at SOUTH FLORIDA!  Yes Seton Hall actually lost a game. Does this mean the season is over? Does this mean they are on the decline? Does this mean they have not had a great season thus far? Does this take away the great play of many of the players this season?

Everyone reading this blog knows and understands the answers to the questions asked above. OK a few people are confused? The answer to all above is not A, B, or C. it is No To All Above! Did anyone feel Seton Hall would lose another game this season? Of course!  Seton Hall fans as well as supporters of area Big East Teams who are not affiliated with other schools wanted them to at least not lose heading into the Rutgers Game. But guess what? Stuff happens! Nothing to be ashamed of and sure not anything to make people jump off the ship.

As far as SHU fans? I understand the hurt and disappointment they feel this morning. Great fans often live and breath based on the success of their teams. Seton Hall with a tremendous group of fans and followers are no exception. However, despite those feelings we all must remember the game was an away game against another Big East Team with Big East Players and not against FDU. Heck if they lost to FDU I would be going bananas and might even jump in the lake behind my house! It was a setback, though a minor one in the scheme of things and in no way takes away from the siccess and positives of the SHU season thus far.

SHU has a tough schedule coming up including an away game against Villanove, who is struggling this season but will be a hard out for SHU considering the game is at Villanova. After that a few games even more difficult are on tap including games vs Notre Dame, Louisville, Connecticut, and a getting better each day Rutgers. In a nutshell SHU and everyone else is in the conference season and the Big East is a very hard conference.

So where does this leave Seton Hall? I for one will be stunned if Seton Hall does not win 20 games. 20 games gets them into a post season tournament and signifies a great season, though very unexpected,  with more to follow.   My last question on SHU.  Did anyone expect them to be 15 and 3 at this stage of the season with the quality wins they have? Right! Case closed!


Going to the games in Jersey City this afternoon, stoping  at that great southern and soul food restaurant IRMAS for some smothered Turkey Wings! I cannot watch Aquille Carr on an empty stomach because I just might get sick based on getting too excited!  Interesting that St. Anthony;s is not playing the final game. That game will have Teaneck against a Canadian team with a few players. I did say players and not Playaz so do not get it confused.  Going down  to see Mr. Carr and to watch Teaneck.  But honestly would this not be a better event with better teams? Dematha, Christ The King, Cardoza or Lincoln from NYC, or even Gil St. Bernard's, who must be playing some national schedule because I have not seen them in any of the local showcase events. I sure hope they are not hiding out! Well, the line-up sure is far from an attractive one but still worthy of attending. Same thing with the homeless classic that at one time was a premier NJ event at Elizabeth HS, and The Prime Time Shootout in Trenton NJ.

Speaking of Cardoza, Coach Ron Naclerio, a real good guy and basketball fanatic, is devastated over his star player Jermaine Lawrence leaving Queens to attend Pope John XXIII in Sparta NJ. Unlike St. Benedict's, St. Anthony's, and St. Patrick's, Sparta NJ is not a short rain ride away from NYC. I know because I happen to eat there often at a wonderful steakhouse on Lake Mohawk.  Either this kid and his family moved near by, he is staying with relatives, he is staying with a coach, or he has a host family, because in no way can a kid from Queens or Brooklyn travel there via public transportation in good time.  The other schools mentioned are really not that far from NYC via The Path Train or other forms of NY/NJ transit.

Knowing Coach Naclerio as well as I do,  I certainly can testify to how much he cares for his players and the things he does to make them better. I also know he will miss the attention this young man brought to the Cardoza games and practices in the form of D1 coaching staffs.  In regards to Sparta NJ? It is said that in the late 60's it was the place that "Flower Children" moved and is the most upscale town in Sussex County. Some even say it is the Franklin Lakes of Sussex County. But again it is sure an interesting transfer to leave a NYC power for a team rated 3307 nationally!  One thing for sure, he is closer to Seton Hall and Rutgers!

What is Gil St. Bernard's? Where are they? Anyone see Gil St. Bernard's? Well I sure cannot wait to see them play against Plainfield in a few weeks. That game will be the credibility bowl of NJ HS basketball. Gil St. Bernard does have very good players and coaching. They have at least 3 players if not 4 with division 1 potential including a senior who signed with Bucknell University, the premier program in The Patriot League,

Enjoy your hoops today and "Lets Go Area basketball!"  Even FDU lol!

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