Friday, January 20, 2012

FDU, FDU, and All FDU!

Good Morning:

I was pumped up thinking FDU had won a game last night. Silly me!  I continue to see the rivals scoreboard and obviously something is wrong because it only provides the score of one of the teams per listing score. I thought, or took for granted, that maybe it was the winning team. After doing some research that proved harder than expected, I saw they lost to that power house team Robert Morris. Robert Morris? I still remember when that school was a powerful Junior College program recruiting the tri-state area. They became a D1 program and for years played in a band box gym. Now they have a new facility that is pretty nice. This is what happens when a school has support from the administration and the athletic department has vision. It is only a matter of time before NJIT is REALLY a better program than FDU.

I looked at the FDU Roster this morning and believe it or not they have pretty good talent including a few D1 transfers from pretty good programs. They have height and players who have basketball skills. FDU is far from the Little Sisters of The Poor University in regard to actual talent. Interesting no one in Bergen County actually realizes this so they do not come out to games. I mean the talent of some of the players are at least A10 or lower Big East!

Well, either they get it together or honestly they need to turn to the NJAC and request to be admitted. Now FDU has another branch in Madison I think. FDU Madison and they play a D3 schedule. I wonder who would win if they played against each other in a game called the FDU Challenge? Better yet I wonder if The School President or any of his Administration would attend?

I get emails all the time from FDU fans asking why I am so hard on FDU and what I would do to fix the problem. Well, here is what I would do. And remember it is business and not personal.

I would first do a serious evaluation of the sports program top to bottom. I would evaluate the AD, and all coaches to see if they are on the same page and moving in a direction best for FDU as opposed to a direction best for themselves.

I would determine if certain coaches are the correct people for the FDU job! Does not mean they are bad coaches, just means do they fit.

Basketball wise I know they made a mistake in the last hire based on some behind the scene stuff. It's OK because stuff happens. But at least give the guy you hired the support to make the hire look correct!

Increase the basketball budget to at least the budget of a lower A10 program

Not sure about the staff in place for basketball. I am not sure because I have not seen them play with a full deck of cards. But one thing for sure, a 1 to 3 win season would be reason for concern.

Now if they hire a new coach sometime in the future they must decide if they wish to be competitive in D1 mens basketball. If so they will do the following.

Make sure the AD is a person with vision and know how from an established athletic program who understands the need for butts in the seats and putting a winner on the court. If not get a new one!

Fund Raise and put money into restoring The Arena (Gym) to at least where it was with bleachers surrounding the court giving it a true arena feeling. HS gyms in Pennsylvania are 100 times nicer and more attractive.

Look into hiring a real PR and Marketing firm to sell the program to Bergen County NJ and the surrounding areas.

Get more local businesses involved. Not the Pizza shops and bars as much as the corporations and retail stores such as Bloomingdales, Saks, and Car Dealers.  Ticket give aways, special promotion nights, kid clubs, youth basketball nights, Jr. Knight program, free refreshment night, Team clinics throughout Bergen County, and more to improve fan interest and support.

Buy more advertising, which could be  sponsored by local businesses.  McDonald's presents FDU vs Robert Morris. Every person in attendance gets a free Big Mac with a ticket stub if FDU wins!

Redo locker rooms and create a real players lounge (if they do not have one)

Upgrade schedule to more A10 teams and every team in NJ if possible.

Lastly support the Men's basketball Club! Get them involved. Some very good people in that organization!

These are just some of the things that come to mind in regards to FDU basketball. I know they dislike me. I am sorry but I honestly remember the great times in that gym and I know what it could be with the right people.

Finally. FDU is a wonderful school with some great people attending and graduating each year. I hope the basketball can one day catch up to the many fine graduates that come out of FDU each year!

PS  Did you folks know that Tom Green is going into the NEC Hall of Fame? Ummmmmm! I wonder if he is in the FDU Hall of Fame? I wonder if they have one? Should I ask the administration? Nah, they would not know!

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