Sunday, January 8, 2012

Saturday was a Great Day

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Before starting this new post which will not be a long one, I want everyone to understand I am attempting to post more regularly this season because I have alot more to say. If you look at my blog you will see at least two posts from last week that many of you most likely missed including my NJ Player and team rankings.

I hope you have an opportunity to read my blog often and feel free to comment (I will open that portion up as soon as I can figure the thing out) on the blog or even send me an email at I am open to suggestions and even people strongly disagreeing with me. I will even apologize if I am convinced I am wrong. See past story on Pocono Mountain West HS Basketball as a example.


What a great day for local BE college basketball programs! St. Johns beats Cincinnati,  Seton Hall beats Providence, and Rutgers beats UConn.  What a day, what a message to area HS basketball stars, what a chance to capitalize on Saturdays success while gaining momentum for future games. Again I feel all games against each other should be sellouts or at least 14-15,000 in arena settings.

Lets start with Rutgers win. OK Coach Carr I know you read this blog and I know you understand how I feel about you despite the craziness from a few seasons back. I feel you are great for basketball and a wonderful person. Now with that said I also have to eat crow. Please give me the leg if it has not already been taken. Although I said Rutgers was heading in the right direction, I also  said Rutgers wins only one huge game a year,  How wrong was I based on Rutgers beating two well respected teams so far this season in both Florida and now UConn.  Despite the rag a tag gym seats and sound system Rutgers has really turned the corner regardless of what happens next.  And the RAC seems to be back and jumping!

St. Johns also won yesterday.  Maybe Dante's catered the pre game meal or someone came in and gave a great speech.  Regardless, St. Johns won a game they really needed to win. Are they back? Are they moving in the right direction? Did they wear the suits with no ties and sneakers? Whatever they did they need to duplicate for the next game on the schedule.

Seton Hall is proving so many people wrong so far this season. Come on and admit it! No one expected them to do as well as they have. They are without a doubt the best team in the NYC Tri-State area at this point of the season. But you and I know the games against Rutgers and St. Johns will be wars. I agree with many who say Seton Hall would have lost a few of the games they won this year a year ago. Again they are really doing this in an efficient manner by holding serve and winning the games they should and beating some no one expected them to beat.

Did FDU win? I do not have to look at the final score but can easily provide the answer. Ok let me see for myself. OK they lost again at home with the attendance reported at  583.  So lets figure this out. 583 attendance minus 300 comps  to kids groups including Boy Scouts, Cub Scouts, and youth leagues leaves actual attendance at 283. They cannot be charging more than $10  a game so they took in $2830 maybe. Refs in the NEC must make 400 a game so that means we minus $1200 leaving $1630 to cover lights, heat, payroll for workers, the hoagies and sodas after the game, and more. Concession money?  Most likely goes to another team working the 1 stand.  What a sad situation!

Since I am so on FDU I need to say why. That program can be huge with the right support. No reason they are not Bergen County New Jersey's Team and average at least 3500 per game with more money coming in via a better concession stand deal. Donations would be up and even some potential bigger pay days including a real ESPN game or two. The school is so close to Newark NJ, NYC, and Westchester County, that in no way should they ever starve for talent. Of course the coach needs the recruitment tools necessary, the gym needs to be brought back to life, they need a real band at games, and the marketing folks need to come off vacation or the in office leave of absence they are on. Than again what do they say. Maybe get excited about the losers event against Binghamton or was that played already?

A Few Items I have thought about!

Is Jordan Theodore not one of the best point guards in America at this time?

Jordan Theodore is playing so well many cannot remember the name of the point guard he backed up when he first arrived at Seton Hall. Ok in 4 seconds who was the starting PG when Jordan Theodore arrived at The Hall?

Will Seton Hall soon be called College basketball Point Guard U?

Is it me or does Herb Pope look about 6 ft 5 on the court and very Un-Atheletic despite being a very good player? I mean he gets alot of shots blocked!

When turning the channels and watching the RU vs UConn game you almost feel you are watching Georgetown when the camera is on Andre Drummond and the other UConn bigs. The grey uniforms also help you feel this way. Plus looking at Drummond brings back Alonzo Morning memories based on talent and shot blocking.

Watched UCLA play on TV. SAD! But than again they do have players and with Kyle Anderson they all will look better in the new Pauley Pavilion.

Transfers sitting out will make Hofstra tough next season

If there was a tournament with FDU, Binghamton, St. Peters, and NJIT held would anyone care?  Would anyone come if it was held in NJ?  Could any of those teams beat Simeon HS from Chicago? Could any of those teams beat the champion from the NJAC or CUNY conferences? Who would win if they played each other?

Anyone think the crime rate will go down during Aquille Carr's games at the Pru in a few?

Who will win the game between Rutgers and SHU? Will the place be full?

That's it for now everyone. Enjoy the games today!

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