Monday, March 8, 2010

Today In basketball

The 2nd season is about to start. But first lets look at a few developments:

One of the classiest young men to ever play the college game from our area is Rashawn McCloud (sp). This guy was such a role model for many despite leaving St. Johns for Duke. But seeing him fired from Indiana was very odd. I cannot believe even that arrogant Indiana Coach would do just a thing. If there is not more to this area High School programs should close the door on Indiana if they try to get in on players. But honestly they have never been a recruiting force in the tri-state area anyway. But still it is a bad look!

People can say I am crazy, weird, and even a blog know it all and they might just be right. Well here is something to reinforce how folks might feel about me. At the expense of sounding like Rutgersal from the Rutgers message board, I feel Rutgers, excluding the last game, has played well enough to make a statement in the Big East Tournament. There road to the championship goes through 3 very beatable teams. In fact all area teams have a great chance of doing better than people really expect.

Rutgers can beat Cincinnati
Rutgers can beat Louisville but it will be tough
Rutgers can beat West Virginia but it will be tough

Seton Hall can beat Providence
Seton Hall can beat Notre Dame
Seton Hall can beat but it will be hard Pitt

St, Johns can beat UConn but it will be difficult especially with all the UConn Fans
St. Johns can beat Marquette
St. Johns will have a hard time against Villanova

What would really help the 3 area teams is a large fan turnout and the 3 teams cheering for each other similar to what the Big 5 did years ago in Philly. But we all know this will not happen. But of Rutgers gets half of what they brought to the NIT finals a few years back, it will make a huge difference.

SHU is 15 minutes from MSG. If they can get 8000 to the Pro Center there should be 5000 to this event! Do that and things will become very interesting.

St. Johns plays at MSG. No excuse not to get the fan base out.

All 3 have a very good chance of winning first round games! OK let the attacks begin lol.

Gonzo in The NY Times

It continues to amaze me how people can dig deep to find out things they feel will hurt a person. It also amazes me how the Manhattan AD, who has always been a very classy guy, would be used as he was. He came off looking worst than he was trying to make Bobby Gonzalez look. The NY Times did what most other newspapers do, they used him to make the story sensational.

We all know these stories so what was printed was old news and stuff that might have happened in the past. After all we all grow up. Unfortunately they did not dig deep enough to show Gonzos good side. The volunteer work he did for years, the low pay to coach a HS JV team, the sacrifices he made to get where he is because he had no godfathers initially. Sure Pete Gillen, a great man, gave him an opportunity and the rest is history. But if you believe 100 bus drivers would not drive Manhattan College please meet me at The George Washington Bridge for your deed to the bridge. Just bring your $350,000 in cash,

Lets also talk about the purpose of such articles when a team is on a winning streak and other area coaches are fighting for their lives. Could it be to take the pressure off others? Could it be to take the spotlight off many on the hot seat and make BG the center of attention in an effort to take others off message boards, blogs, and AD notes?

The article was extremely one sided and I would bet alot more positive stuff was said, but just did not make the final cut. Newspaper reporters have favorites as well........always remember that.

HS Basketball This Week

Looking forward to seeing Teaneck on Wednesday if they win Monday night.

The big double Header will be Thursday at Rutgers with St. Peters vs Seton Hall Prep and St. Anthony's vs Paterson Catholic. Should be a huge crowd and I hope to be in attendance if they let me in lol.

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