Monday, March 15, 2010

I Guess I Should Comment .......

I guess it is time for me to give my take on a few happenings around college basketball. From the various post season tournaments to happenings off and away from the court here are my thoughts.

The NCAA's

Honestly not a bad job. A few local teams might be upset but how many Big East teams could they take? For a conference to get 14 out of 16 teams in either the NCAA or NIT is a huge accomplishment. The two who were left out must feel a certain kind of way if they did not turn down the NIT behind closed doors. They must realize with a win here and there they too could have been still in the gym preparing for the next game.

The number 1 seeds seem a bit interesting based on Duke being a number 1 seed and the number 3 overall seed in the entire NCAA. I guess the name Duke means we will always give you the benefit of the doubt.

I wonder how hard it was to keep The University of North Carolina out of the NCAA. I would bet they tried all kind of ways to justify including them. After all they are North Carolina and the games they lost were all flukes lol.

Was it only me or was that Joe Lombardi (sp) bracket show confusing considering it was not the actual selection show? They had it set up like it was the real thing. Computerized touch screen brackets, guy standing there with all the answers looking official. Heck why have a committee when he could do the entire thing and have it done a day earlier.

One question I have, because I am way too lazy about this, would be how accurate was his brackets? I know I will not do an actual comparison. And if he is close he must have a person on the inside of the war room where the committee made the choices. Impossible to have 90% accuracy when you have to duplicate what a committee of many are thinking. If he is that good he needs to join the amazing Randy (remember him?) on tour.

Locally the only NCAA teams are Siena and Cornell. Wow! And both are at least 2 hours from NYC! Maybe we can claim Temple? Also Hofstra accepts an invitation to the College Invitational? Are they kidding? Who will be watching? St. Johns and Seton Hall to the NIT? St. Johns travels to Memphis to play against a good but under achieving Memphis team that has some good players. But than again St. Johns also has good talent. And because St. Johns has underclassmen, this will be a good way to start getting the players ready for next season.

I really felt Seton Hall would be a NCAA team this season. The talent really is there. I just felt it took longer than many expected for the talent to jell together so they could become the team we all expected. Lets see what happens in the NIT?

Here is where they start hating me at Seton Hall. I always say what I mean and mean what I say. This is based on what I have read and not facts behind the scene. If there is more to the story I do not know. All I know is what I am writing about and it is only about dismissing a player from a team. And in the case of Robert Mitchell, the decision to throw him off the team was a horrible one and something that could have been worked out with a suspension, which he really deserved for his newspaper comments.

I have defended Bobby Gonzalez on my blog when I think he is right and I have said when I think he is wrong. You cannot have it both ways as a coach. You cannot be forgiven for saying things others felt was wrong or even dumb and continue doing your job as a grown up adult while holding a frustrated young man, yes a young man, super accountable for expressing his feelings after seeing his numbers drop across the board and in his eyes his NBA chances, if he had any, completely diminish. Why not have a talk with him? Why not suspend him? Why even do it now? Heck people have said much worst about SHU on message boards and in corridors. Maybe you can get their season tickets revoked if we get you names.

I am not saying what Robert Mitchell did was right, In fact it was very wrong and I expected Bobby Gonzalez to suspend him right away. But to kick a player out the door after he was one of the first to commit to you and leave an environment where he was a star because he believed in you will always be something brought up in recruiting circles and something that will bite the SHU program on the butt, especially if this young man is connected in Brooklyn because those guys can on occasion get together and close you down recruiting wise. Ask Mike Jarvis about that? And when you do stuff like this, I hope there's no dirty laundry in the background.And if you did not release Keon Lawrence from the SHU program for driving the wrong way and getting into an accident on the Garden State Parkway, rightfully not, this also should not have resulted in a termination. I thought Bobby Gonzalez would know better if anyone would. Bob Huggins would have cursed the young man out and moved forward. Bobby you have to reconsider this move especially based on eligibility issues for the young man, the fact he has game, and it is the right thing to do.

What is he deal with St. Johns? What is the deal with the NY Post? Will Norm keep his job? Are they just making him suffer? Will they allow him to coach the good players he recruited? Easy decision but one that will not be popular regardless.

Lets talk Rutgers. What is happening with Fred Hill Jr. Did they make a deal already and just have not announced it yet? Will he be back? Will they hire a new person who will not be as good as Fred Hill? Again I will say the only announcement I would be excited about from Piscataway would be that they will start redoing the RAC this summer and start building a new basketball practice facility as well. That's the good news that will really help Rutgers. Also great would be a new advertising and media campaign with whoever the coach is reaching out to fans. First step is a letter to the fan base and potential fans via billboards, email, snail mail, newspapers, and statewide Cable TV.

Quick Hits

Why is there even a College Invitational?

When will Rider build a new gym?

FDU has a permanent coach, but are they committed to D1 basketball or just fooling around?

Will Marist give Chucky Martin more time?

Will the Siena Coach change zip codes?

Will Richmond be able to hold on to it's current Coaching Staff?

Will Fran leave Broadcasting and return to college basketball coaching?

Will Gonzo do the right thing and bring Mitchell back with a suspension?

Will Rutgers fans go ballistic if Fred Hill is retained?

If Fred Hill is retained will the RU staff remain the same?

Who will Wagner hire?

Is Wagner a better job than FDU?

What is the worst job in the NEC?

Worst job in the MAAC?

Worst job in A10?

Worst job in Big East?

5 comments: said...

Interesting that you question when Rider will build a new gym. I am a Rider alumnus, and I wonder the same thing myself. I had season tickets for basketball there this past season, and I can tell you Rider is in great need of a larger, modrrn facility. I think the gym is at least 50 years old!

With that said, I’m really excited about the 2010 NCAA Men’s College Basketball Tournament. I haven’t filled out a bracket yet, but I’d say my Final Four teams are Michigan State, Syracuse, Kentucky, and Baylor. I’ll put Syracuse and Kentucky in the championship game, with Syracuse winning. It should be an interesting tournament though.

LFBall said...

Thanks for the post. Nice not to have an angry post for a change lol. Rider with a new gym would be great.

I still like Kansas!!

Sean Ramsden said...

The new gym at Rider is coming. Plans will be announced very shortly for a complete renovation and modernization on Alumni Gym that will effectively make it a brand new place. Some preliminary information has already run in The Times of Trenton.

Fordham_57 said...

I thought originally that it could have been handled better. But knowing Bobby's propensity for knee jerk reaction, it's not surprising that he did not take the time to sit back and reflect before he acted.

On the other hand, we don't know the whole story. If Mitchell has been a constant distraction and a cancer in the locker room, then maybe Bobby was forced to show a strong hand to keep his place in the hierarchy of the team,

To be fair however you must remember that Mitchell came in with the blessings of his last coach, who was quite happy to see him depart Duquene.

I guess we will never know the whole story.

LFBall said...

So true. But that last coach was a win at all costs type of guy. trust me. We have heard very little about Mitchell being a distraction. So this comes as a surprise. Personally I am not a fan of Mitchell's game this season. But I also feel a need to stop Coaches from running kids off based on performance. If he is not a good person, sit him down and let him walk away unless it gets so bad they have to move him. I did not see it like that. Kid is now finished so hopefully he will use his degree to his advantage. But SHU and Bobby look bad on this in my eyes.