Friday, March 19, 2010

Questions and Thoughts

I wonder if the current SHU Assistant Coaches are in touch with Stix Mitchell?

I wonder if Bobby Gonzalez is concerned?

Has Seton Hall at least done it's own investigation? If so they could just find out the true story behind this.

I think alot of potential recruits and advisers are watching how SHU handles this support wise as a University. Not saying SHU should defend Stix Mitchell's actions, just saying he was at SHU for 3 years and is a current student.

Is it normal for a university to just turn their back on people based on an accusation even without doing an investigation or the person in question being proven guilty? Legit question!


Now that Fred Hill Jr. is returning what will Rutgers do support wise for him to help him become more successful? After all it takes more than the coach to create a winning program and atmosphere!

Will Fred Hill retain all of his assistants?


Who will get the Wagner Head Coaching job? I hear alot of local guys including a few local Big east Assistants have applied. On that level recruiting and LOCAL connections are extremely important, Playing on Staten Island is such a plus if they make this team Staten Islands Team. Still remember how huge Evan Pickman, current NBA Scout, made little College of Staten Island into a national D3 contender playing in front of sell out crowds and on local TV. Could be a great low/mid major job.

Seton Hall Coaching Search

This will be a very important hire. I honestly feel the position is much more attractive than people think. Great University, Great Arena, a few sellouts last season, room to go up, returning players are very good, NY area potential for stardom, closeness to NYC, Philly, and Washington not to mention GREAT BASKETBALL in New Jersey. This job is a very good one and Seton Hall needs to get the right person and not settle.


All I will say is FDU could be a much better program if they put money in the pot. What a sleeping giant. All they need to do facility wise is bring in all new bleachers and make the seating capacity 4500. Half chair backs and half colored bleachers.

They than need to put money into marketing and advertising in an effort to become North Jersey's team. Honestly they should claim the title and use it in advertising.

Mike Rice

Loved what Mike Rice did this season and what he brings to the table. If I remember correctly he is another Hoop Group Guy and that's not a bad thing. Also remember him from Fordham. Maybe Fordham needs to get this guy very soon before someone else gets him/

Tom Picora

All I will say is I am a Picora fan. I know he would work his butt off and get results wherever he coaches. But wherever he goes will require very good assistants. Honestly Jay Wright was very similar to me when he was at Hofstra. Plus it is hard to compare Hofstra to any Big east school based on what a coach has to work with.


A few upsets and today could be the same. Let the games begin!


跑步 said...
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Fordham_57 said...

I understand Derm Player has been reaching out to Stix and his family.

At this point, the police are not letting just anyone near Mitchell.

LFBall said...

Great. Good to hear.

About FDU

I should have said Bergen County's Team not Northern NJs Team. Thats what i meant.

Fordham, whats your thoughts on the SHU search?

LFBall said...
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LFBall said...

Great. Good to hear.

About FDU

I should have said Bergen County's Team not Northern NJs Team. Thats what i meant.

Fordham, whats your thoughts on the SHU search?