Friday, March 26, 2010

Coaching Searches and The NCAA

Interesting Developments and Games

This years NCAA tournament has been full of surprises. However, some things you could see before they really happened.

Anyone other than me see Syracuse losing to Butler before it happened? Typical Syracuse with all that talent losing to a very good Butler Team from the Horizon Conference which is kind of a Midwestern mixture of the A10 and MAAC combined depending on who is playing who. But again many could feel from the opening tip off this would not be Syracuse day.

Did anyone else see the baby face young guy coaching Butler? And this guy has done a great job for a few years it seems. But his face was straight out of a Disney Movie where the young JHS guy gets an opportunity to coach and leads the team to glory. I would bet he will be the next coach at Indiana when they decide to make a change. Or at the least if Tubby leaves for greener pastures he could slide in at Minnesota. Or maybe he will stay at Butler forever and become a true Indiana Legend. But one thing for sure, he will be one of the top coaches in America if he is not already.

Kansas State beats a very good Xavier team. Were people paying attention? What is it with Xavier? They just win and win, year after year as a private college that at one time was second fiddle to The University of Cincinnati. Not to mention it seems they continue to develop big men who eventually wind up in the NBA. Maybe it's because they made a commitment to the basketball program starting with the building of a nice arena years back. Or it could be they have the correct formula when it comes to identifying coaches.

Kansas State has also built a very good program in recent years. Place use to be half full and now they pack them in. Is it the coaching? marketing? How did they get so good in recent years? I will leave that to others to figure out. But they are now a power team that kids like alot. Coach, who is really a nice guy, looks like he could be Special Forces or at the least a ex Navy Seal. I cannot see any players talking back to him. Heck as big as I am he could get me to run the court and get a few rebounds.

West Virginia wins. Good solid win for the Big East Conferences hope to get a title. Kevin Jones has really done a great job this season as has the others including Ebanks and Butler who should be a 1st round draft choice. Ebanks needs to come back and join Jones for another season.

Speaking of the draft. Tell me why Jeff Robinson would ruin all that he has done this season to enter the NBA Draft? Is he crazy? NO! It is just some of these agent and advisor types continue to provide bad advice. Kid did not get off the bench at Memphis and attends SHU for more PT. Gets it and plays very well. But not well enough for the NBA. Plus he needs to show people that he is solid in the head as well as on the court. It is a very bad look for a kid like him to declare for the draft with more eligibility left.

Kids at Seton Hall need to pump the brakes and not even think transfer. Program should come up with a good replacement for Bobby Gonzalez very soon if not sooner. Although I do not understand why they are not going after more established coaches.

Speaking of established coaches am I missing something? Are people discriminating against older coaches? Why are the local teams not going after people like Jim Baron of Rhode Island? All this guy does is win regardless of where he coaches. He even won at St. Bonaventure and that's a hard job based on location because the school is tremendous with great support. Why has none of the local schools reached out to him?

What about a guy like Jim O'brian? This guy did a great job at Boston College before heading to Ohio State. Are they blackballing this proven winner?

Has anyone ever heard of Al Skinner? Just what the Doctor ordered for a school to turn it around or improve. Guy can coach, recruit, and find great talent under the radar. Has anyone spoken to him yet?

Fran Frachillo should be courted like a guy courts his future wife. Another proven winner.

Tubby Smith? At least reach out to him. Big Time Guy who might just listen.

Here is the guy who would most likely run to the area to coach and do a great job. Yes he is an ex Duke players but would be outstanding! His name is Jeff Capel and he currently coaches The University of Oklahoma. For the type of Money St. Johns is offering and the type of money SHU should be offering he might be interested in coming east.

Wagner Job

What is the hold up or did I miss the announcement? I still feel Darryl Jacobs who was Coach of the Year while leading Clark Atlanta to a great record this season would be outstanding at Wagner. All he needs is an opportunity and the rest would be history. Guy is that good!


How could Fordham of the A10 pay more than SHU of the Big East? Same area but maybe a different understanding of paying for what you get?


Fordham_57 said...


In the long run, how do you know how much the Hall is willing to pay. Frank

LFBall said...

I do not know. But when I hear $500,000 from people VERY CONNECTED as well as other coaches I start wondering. Honestly if they paid what others are paying they would not even be looking Rice, Willard and similar coaches.If they go with those type of guys it will be business as usual although I hope I am wrong. I do think Piccora will do very well at Fordham and is better than all the guys recently mentioned for SHU.

SHU needs Jim Baron from Rhode Island!