Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Interesting Time Of The Year

Steve Lavin

The more I think about it the more excited I become. I only hope Lavin and St. Johns come together on a contract because if they do not it will be devastating to their program. Honestly I am shocked Steve Lavin wants to come east to continue his coaching career. Why?

Lets start with the fact St. Johns is really one of the top 8-10 programs nationally when it comes to history of the game. Remember it was not too long ago that St. Johns was mentioned with places such as Kansas, Kentucky, and North Carolina as super programs with history. How soon we tend to forget that at one time playing for St. Johns was like playing for the Knicks because of the huge following they had with sold out games at Madison Square Garden and the many groupies who followed the program. Yes they really had groupies!

How about nowhere to go but up? Coach Lavin would be loved based on just getting St. Johns back to the NCAA's. The great thing is the talent is there to do just that next season.

Playing Broadway is a great thing and that's just what Lavin will have as St. Johns returns to the glory years.

It seems there is now a huge Money Person (Vitamin Water) behind the program. That alone makes life easy for travel, recruitment, off season jobs, and maybe jobs for a few parents if they happen to be qualified to work in the soft drink industry lol.

With all this I still feel Lavin will need great assistants and the way it seems to be going he will get them. Smart man taking a few dollars less to hire outstanding assistants. Not sure who he will get, but it sure will not be a person without great experience and KNOW HOW!

Again I would jump up and down with the St. Johns fans if this happens. It really would help all the area schools because no matter what anyone says, when St. Johns is very good, college basketball in the tri state area benefits.

I wonder if they still serve those cold pretzels at Alumni Hall with the mustard packets. If so I will take two please.

Seton Hall

OK it has been confirmed by many of the people I know. Kevin Willard is supposed to be an outstanding individual, and a very good coach. In fact many of my friends who follow the game very closely feel Seton Hall also hit a home run and that Willard will be a great face for the University.

I honestly thought he needed more experience for a job as big (in my eyes) as Seton Hall. I felt SHU needed a great Coach and a Salesman to put bodies in the seats at around 14,500 per game. From what I am told this could happen if SHU does it's part marketing wise. I personally want to see 18,000 next season for the Battle of New Jersey with a preliminary game featuring the Seton Hall Women against Rutgers as well. Everyone from the Governor to State reps should be there. What a day it will be.


I think Rutgers needs some good press right about now. This is the time the RU AD needs to release detailed information about the New and improved Rutgers Athletic Center. Talk it up and keep RU in the news because right now everyone is getting full doses of St. Johns and Seton Hall.

Hope they understand that positive press of any type helps recruiting and attendance.

NBA Draft

I am stunned that Herb Pope, Jeff Robinson and Maybe Jeremy Hazell are all considering entering the NBA Draft. Must be more to this because none are guaranteed to be a first or second round draft choice. Maybe I need to introduce them to Omar Cook. I am sure Omar is doing fine in a country far away. But if he would have stayed at St, Johns he would be in the NBA today.

I still feel the big fella from Rutgers will be drafted in the 2nd round and make a team as a back up or at the least be put on injured reserve. He really brings some things to the table.

AAU Season is upon us. Look out for my HS and AAU rankings of Coaches, Administrators, and programs. As soon as I can get with my guys Jon Cano and Bobby H, we will get this done. It was quite controversial when we did this a year ago. Stay tuned!

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