Monday, November 23, 2009

Weekend Thoughts


I know there have been multiple hits on this site looking for what I am saying about the Rutgers loss to Vermont. Some folks are assuming I will tear into the coaches at Rutgers especially Fred Hill Jr. Well, I am sorry to say I will not do that. Just too easy for me and I like to fight for the underdog and cheer him on.

Now I will say a Big east School should never lose to a middle of the pack America East School. NEVER! I would guess Rutgers will not have an AE school on future schedules after losing to Binghamton last season.

Was the coaching really that bad? I did not see the game but I would think it was not. Did the players really play that bad? I would guess not! Should Fred Hill be fired right now? HECK NO! Who knows this might turn everything around. A few good wins and everyone will forget Vermont. Do not believe me? Check out Syracuse who loss to that upstate power......Technical College of Broome County....oops my bad, it was LeMoyne College or University. But you get the picture. Everyone was stunned but now folks are saying how good Syracuse is after beating North Carolina. Now I do not expect Rutgers to beat North Carolina, but a few solid wins and RutgersAl will be again predicting a national championship. That's what fans do. Dream and become hurt from disappointment.

But lets honestly assess the Rutgers basketball program. Forget Fred Hill because this is way bigger than him and goes straight to the University President. Folks do not want to hear it but Rutgers might not have a winning record even if Rick Pitino was coaching considering all that goes into creating a winning program.

Let me be more specific without folks throwing items at the computer. RUTGERS WILL NEVER do that friends of the Program thing that many schools do. OK do not act as if you do not know what I am talking about. Rutgers offers all that every school should offer. They do it the right way! Problem is many others do not. Especially those schools way out of the way and seeking success right away. I do not blame RU for doing it right, I salute them.

However I do not salute Rutgers for having horrible and old facilities in a top notch basketball conference. I saw seats at the RAC that were broken and shabby a few years ago. Sure the locker room is nice, though not as nice as many others. Sure they have a media room that would make a 2 star and 3 star player say wow! But the 4 and 5 star players want glamour and a nice arena filled with thousands of fans and a top notch practice facility with all the bells and whistles. In fact the next announcement from Rutgers about athletics should be that of a new arena, or a totally refurbished RAC with an attached practice facility. Heck play all the home games at the old gym for two years until the new place or new RAC is completed. Big east Games could be played at The Medowlands for next season.

I do need to comment on the basketball staff. These guys really need to get it together in many areas and hopefully they will. They are in many doors but even if Lou Carnessecca was the closing coach, and he did this well, they might lose many recruiting battles based on what they can offer facility wise and other wise if you know what I mean. Just keeping it real!

Lastly on Rutgers. The players are solid but far from very good! The JC PG transfer playing 12 minutes? Greg E getting 9 points and 5 rebounds? Will he ever in his career be a double figure scorer? The big Fella has not improved in 4 years. Remember he was a top 65 type kid. Was the scouting services wrong? Or has RU failed him? maybe he has failed himself and is just happy to be in America? Coburn was recruited to be a role player and has taken over the role of PG lol. Shows what can happen when you take advantage of an opportunity.

I could go on and on but the bottom line is Rutgers Basketball needs a timeout. And to blame Fred Hill for everything is totally wrong. Some things yes! But everything heck no! Rutgers is now on life support regardless of how many cup cake games they win in the next few weeks. Where is the overall plan?

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