Friday, November 20, 2009

Tobias Harris and Tidbits

Tabias Harris to Tennessee

No surprise to me. I knew, but could not say, this was the program to beat. They had everything going for them as a program to land this kid who has great upside. Folks can hate on him all they want to but anyone who can go from being a good HS player to a Great HS player ranked 5th in his class in one summer must be a hard and determined worker. Please allow me to set the record straight as I see it regarding the schools who recruited him. This is my opinion!

Syracuse was never a true factor for him. Visit was decent to good with nothing special. That's what happens when the Coach is a Hall of Famer. You come or you do not come. If not they get someone else. They might have started out as the team to beat but that laid back attitude they often exhibit when it comes to recruiting and player development might have hurt them.

Kentucky was a good visit but Coach Calipari did not press any of the kids at the midnight madness to sign. Might have even told them to make the decision right for them. But if they did not pick Kentucky they could be making a mistake. The lack of real diversity seen on the campus might have also hurt them more than anything else. No problem for a one and done player. But if you will be there for 2 years or more it becomes a factor.

Louisville was a true contender for Tobias who loved what he saw. The family might have been truly impressed by Pitino and staff. This is a case of other factors away from basketball that could have played a huge role.

West Virginia might have been the team that came in 2nd for Tabias. They had everything going for them and the family most likely loved Coach Huggins. It might have just come down to loving Tennessee more.

Maryland and Georgia Tech were courtesy visits that the Family might have taken based on relationships, etc. Never thought they would be true factors.

Why Tennessee? The Vols were chosen because they have everything going for them facility and coaching wise. As a program they play in front of 20,000 fans all the time. They also play a competitive schedule against Kentucky, Florida, Alabama, Georgia, and other SEC schools. And if folks think the SEC is not a tough league they are mistaken. Academically Tennessee is a very good choice. Facility wise they have as much if not more facility wise than anyone else. Also Bruce Pearl is LOVED by every player in his program. The coaching is very good as is the player development. Pearl has paid dues and is excited about getting the number 5 player in America. Lastly Tennessee is the place where a good friend of Torrel Harris, Tabias Dad, attended school . That friend is very close to Torrel and could keep watch on his son from the stands when he is in the area on business. By the way that friends name is Bernard King! My thought? GREAT CHOICE!!!!!

North Carolina vs Syracuse at MSG

Great game tonight. Kind of makes me want to take out my old HS GO card and get down there for the game. Anyone else remember those HS discount cards? Might be something needed to boost attendance at Knicks games if they continue to play as they have.

More Tidbits

Is it me or does it seem all is quiet with a few local colleges recruitment wise. What are they doing? Any new developments?

I am still waiting for the local teams to get to a level where each game is a war similar to the Big 5 games in Philly.

NJ Tech and a few others need to seriously consider returning to D2 status.

Some teams need to seriously consider other leagues if the administration is not prepared to provide better support. Hard to compete with schools that have so much to offer student athletes.

Monmouth is still on my mind. If they make a change after this season that will be a great job for a person with vision and great coaching ability. Again I feel that is the best area place after the local big east schools in regards to campus, location, facilities, and a great potential fan base.

Hofstra is sneaking up on folks. Might be Picora's last season in Hempstead because the way they are playing someone will come after him. I wonder who?

Delaware was at one time the dream mid major job. What has happened? Every game was close to a sell out. Wow!

St. Peters has really improved. No excuses for others considering they have a 3 block campus in Jersey City, a HS type Gym, and small weight room, etc. despite this the staff there has worked hard to make the Peacocks competitive. Great job thus far. Another Coach who could be somewhere else if he keeps showing great improvement.

Looking forward to the HS games at the Pru Center. Laughed at comment that Morgan Wooten was coming out of retirement to coach DeMatha. Funny!

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