Thursday, November 19, 2009

My Thoughts

The college basketball season is fully up and running. What a great time of the year. Time to start providing thoughts on various subjects ranging from recruiting to critiques on what various colleges and coaches are doing.

Lets start with Seton Hall University. So what the first game was a tight one. So what they did not completely dominate the second game. This team will be fine. In fact I can see them going 10-0 heading into the West Virginia game which will be the game to establish them as a legit NCAA contender.

Lets also look at Hall Line, the SHU Student run talk show. I continue to love listening to those young college students, yes STUDENTS, cover the Seton hall basketball team. Folks tend to forget they are students. I am sure Marve Albert and others at Syracuse were not what they are now when they attended school there. I also knew mike Kay when he was a college student at Fordham (I Think) and he was an announcer for the NY Summer Pro basketball league. His best line every game was "This Buds For You!" In other words he was not what he is now. People should take that show for what it is and stop expecting to hear the FAN. Honestly, it still is more interesting than the fan to me because I think the callers help make the show interesting. Call in and participate!

Tobias Harris is set to make an announcement this evening. I am so glad his dad took him to see The University of Tenneesee again without the coaches knowing they would be coming (Please see my last post). I told them this would be a great opportunity to get the real picture without staging. Again I say more kids and parents/advisors should do this. Now where will he go? I would be surprised if he does not attend Tenn. West Virginia, or Louisville, although I have no idea how the Maryland visit went. OK I know lol. I am just leaving the announcement stuff to those who fight to have breaking recruiting news. But I will say there is more to his decission than basketball. Tobias Mom and Dad really understand the process. His Mom is very interested in having her son in an comfortable environment socially and academically.

So Jayvaughn Pinkston will wait until the spring to commit to a college program. UMMMMM. Does that open doors for local Big East schools to make a better impression? Does it mean he is waiting for Tobias Harris to make his decission? Will St. Is he waiting to see how SHU, SJU, and even RU does this season?

Still stunned by Devon Collier picking Oregon State. Rain, Rain, and Rain with a good coach who might just move on after the season.

Hofstra really played UConn tough. Shows Tom Picora will again be in demand for high level D1 jobs again.

Morgan State with Head Coach Todd Boozeman, who had to wait 10 years or so to get another college job after being the Head Coach at California, beat Maryland BC, and Savana State from Georgia beat Central Conn, and Norfolk State beats Maine.
Shows the D1 schools considered HBCU's (Historically Black Colleges and Universities) are catching up with the low and mid D1 schools they have lost to in the past.

Providance wins by 2 at Mercer. Wow! Shows how easy it was to win with Tim Welch players a year ago. makes Tim welch a strong candidate for future jobs.

Monmouth seems to be on the verge of a horrible season. I really thought this could be the start of a season that could lead them to a stronger conference. New Arena, nice area near the Jersey Shore, Good academics, good fan support in the past. This is the time to start developing future fans while satisfying those already on board. Not sure the current Head Coach can survive a losing season considering the new building was not built for low attendance at home games. Monmouth should be hard to beat when it comes to players after Seton Hall, Rutgers, St. Johns, in the NY and NJ area.

Talking about conferences: here are my top northeastern leagues (NC to Maine) :
1. Big East
2. ACC
3. Atlantic 10
4. CAA
6. America East
6. NEC
7. Ivy

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