Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Season Is Here

Well, kids are choosing schools but I strongly suggest they refrain from signing letters of intent until the fall signing period. Watch the team play and make sure the Coach will be around next season.

I recently suggested to the Dad of a top 10 player that he and his son sneak back to his final two schools to get a look at what really takes place. I do not understand why more folks do not show up unannounced? Than you get to see the real stuff!
Also talk to the 9th man on the team and not the new kids who are still wet around the ears. But make sure you separate BS from real concerns to think about.

Yes, I feel Collier choose the wrong school! Yes, I also feel Robinson is a rising coaching star. But from the Bronx to Oregon and all that rain? This is usually the case when a kid has few local options. Heck even Gary Peyton only went to school in Oregon when St. Johns turned him down. He even cried!!! True story.

FDU has Sonny Vacarro speaking to all the student athletes today. He will be a fantastic speaker. But it makes you clearly see what happened at FDU. They are now officially part of the network lol. First they hire ex UNLV assistant Vetrone over the Associate Head Coach Ron Brown, than Vetrone hires a California HS Coach as an assistant when they really only recruit east coast. Trust me if FDU gets a California kid he will not be even a 3 star player. more like a 2 star if that. Now Vaccaro speaks. Again he will be fantastic and I wish I could be there to listen. But it still makes you wonder. I wonder if the AD will one day be at a higher level D1 school? Interesting!!!

Watched North Carolina play. Freshmen received limited minutes. Strickland looked OK but will he play 10 minutes a game? Will he be a 20 minute guy next season? Will they still go out and recruit studs who play his position? This kid is a great talent, great kid, and has a great family support system. Just hope he gets his opportunity to shine. When you choose a super D1 program, you need to be sure you will play good minutes as a freshmen and much more as a sophomore. Alot of top 15-20 guys have rode the pine at places like Duke, NC, UK, etc.

Cannot wait to see Rutgers and SHU start the season. Wish both well. I wonder if I am allowed to attend a game at Rutgers lolol. Expectations seem high for both teams. Now they have to do it on the court.

I really think St. Johns will be improved. Just a gut based on personnel and kids in program along with an improving coaching staff.

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