Thursday, December 10, 2009

Information and Thoughts

Washburns out!!!!

So the Washburns have departed St. Patrick's for greener pastures. I wonder if this has anything to do with Chris Sr, arriving in the area a few weeks ago? Chris said he was going to change a few things. I really hope he took a good look at the great work Kevin Boyle does with players development and exposure wise before making a harsh decision. Derrick Caractor to me never recovered after leaving St. Pats even though he did return later. What would Luther Wright had been if he did not leave St. Anthony's and transferred to Elizabeth, which really was not even his district HS? Yes he had a great HS career, but would he had been better prepared for college by staying at St. Anthony's? Hopefully Chris and the kids Mom will make a wise choice for the two young men. If they stay gone it could be Rice, Paterson Catholic, or if what Chris said is true, anywhere that David Britton did not have juice or influence. Who gets hurt by all of this? You know the answer. Be wise Washburn family! Who knows, they might go back to Texas or to North Carolina. Chris email me. I know you read this blog!


Uconn lost a good game yesterday. From watching it is obvious Kimba walker is a future NBA player. Problem is John wall is a future NBA Star. The Garden was alive and all the big timers were in attendance including the new breed of fans, groupies, and even bookies lol. But the atmosphere was great and something that will be a routine thing when St. Johns gets even better. Could not believe the house was so empty for St. Johns vs Georgia and filled up for Uconn vs Kentucky. Big difference in D1 basketball and High/Super D1 programs. Like comparing Kimba Walker to John Wall.

I still believe St. Johns has improved. And remember they have two potential starters out injured. Plus I actually saw them running a good offense and playing under control. And if you think they do not have talent, you are wrong. St. Johns is moving is the right direction.

Speaking of UConn. Heard from a pretty reliable source that UConn has some interesting news coming out in nest few days or next week. Something to do with a very tall ex player who now plays in the NBA. Stay tuned it could be very interesting from what I hear.

Rutgers beat Monmouth in a game they were supposed to win. I say a win is a win and fans should be pleased to win without one of the bigs on RU playing, even if I thing he is OK/Good and not what others think he is. No one should be upset with the RU staff if they win all the games they are supposed to win and look respectful in the loses. The Vermont loss was a bad one. But losing to the top of the BE is expected as is losing to North Carolina. They just need to win against Providence, South Florida. steal a game against SHU and St. Johns, etc. I do agree no coach should get upset with a fan, or blogger, for expressing his or her opinion.

For Rutgers to get to the top half of the Big East, it will take a university wide committment because as much as folks do not want to admit it, NO STUD PLAYER/PROGRAM CHANGER will ever commit to RU while they have poor facilities, no practice gym, and a poor fan base. NO ONE! And Fred Hill Jr., as good a recruiter as he might be, could not make this happen. Neither could John Calipari, or Rick Pitino if they were the coaches. This is why coaching is so important. Being a 2nd tier team you win with execution, coaching, and good talent. The top tier teams win with Great Talent and decent coaching and motivation. I do not see great coaching at Kentucky, etc. I see stud players who would be NBA players if the rules were different. So RU fans should not look at FHJ as much as the President, AD, and University Sports Information and Marketing Staff. If You Build It They Will Come!!!!!!!!

Seton Hall

10,000 or 20,000. If SHU sells the game against West Virginia out soon, why not lift the cutain to get 5000 more fans and future students in the building. Still remember 15,000 plus at the Medowlands when John Morton and Gerald Green played. Heck, buy another curtain for games that can draw 15,000 fans or more. What's the big deal? That game should draw 15,000!!!


MichaelRay said...

you got it backwards. When a good prospect sees a solid staff inplace and not the grammar school one that is currently assembled he might consider playing there.

Reality is that kids want to play for certain coaches. facilities are great but the Jay Wrights, Huggins, Cal, and yes even Bobby G will always get players. Fred Hill earned his stripes being a used car salesman for charismatic head coaches. He is NOT one of them. His staff is worse.

The record speaks for itself. Stop blaming the committment. That will change when LEGITIMATE leadership is in place in the program. There are coaches all over the country turning around programs in very short periods of time. Only Rutgers would keep a coach and staff in place that is CLEARLY in over their head!!!

shelmaxi said...


Any new information regarding the FDU coaching situation.


LFBall said...

No. SOS at FDU. They seem like a program in limbo. Need new facilities or improvements, better marketing, and definately a better team. No excuse to be so bad and have such poor attendance.