Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Recent Information and Rumors

Some names might be spelled wrong. Please forgive me. But you will know who I am writing about.

Great to see Jio Fontain gain his release from Fordham. I do however question if all the hoopla is worthy for this young man. Is he really a program changer? Is he the missing ingredient? Is he the guy that makes everyone else around him better? Could he be making a huge mistake? Lastly could he just have been the best player on a very untalented Fordham team?

I say all this because sometimes kids get full of themselves and think they are better than they really are. To leave a place where you were a bonifide star to start all over against better athletes and definitely better players is very hard. And sitting out a whole year does not help the situation.

I also question why this kid does not play out the year at Fordham since it would not impact on him still receiving 2 full years of eligibility from the NCAA. I really hope he does not start playing in late December 2010. That would be even harder, especially with a program WITH GOOD PLAYERS AND SET STARTERS.

Lastly. I understand from friends in the know that ex Fordham Coach Derrick Whittenburg graduated all players who stuck with him for 4 years and will be paid in full based on his contract. Watch for him to hook up with a very good team as an Associate Head Coach or an NBA team in some capacity. If Sidney Lowe can hold on he could end up back at NC State in some capacity.

Who Gets Fordham Job

I hear the following are being considered.

Fran Frachillo ex St. Johns and Manhattan Coach. Great choice if this happens. Fordham would be right back in mix. Almost a smaller and less expensive version of Rick Pitino.

Tim Welsh ex Providence and Iona Coach. Great choice as well but not the home run Fran would be based on Fran is a never say quit guy who is terrific. But Tim would also be outstanding and would win and recruit NY and NJ well. Plus he would bring back a great NY Guy, Steve Demello who is now at Central Florida.

Pete Gillian is also on the short list at this time from what I hear. We all know how much he is loved by many and on this level he would really excel. Another great choice!

Those are the three big names. Also being considered is:

Kentucky Assistant Steve Masseola (Sp) who has terrific NYC ties. Not sure if he is ready for an A10 position but would be great at a MAAC or NEC school and I know just the school that could use him and by doing so he would completely turn the program around and attract thousands to games.

Arizona Assistant Book Richardson. Question is if he is ready to step out on his own. He is a unique guy who is mature beyond his years. Sleeper? Ummmmmmmmmm!

On another note I love when fans at one school call out fans at another school because they feel cheating was involved in the recruitment of certain players. What is comical is the fact that almost every school in America commits recruitment violations. That's right every school! Some more than others and some spend a heck of alot more money than others. Come on folks open your eyes and you will be surprised what you see.

Just read on the Rutgers Board that tickets to the Rutgers vs North Carolina Game in Chapel Hill are very expensive. cannot believe some are $100. You know your program is upscale and terrific when you can get $100 for this game and sell out the entire arena. Talk about generating money? If the average ticket is $50 and the place holds 20,000, that means they make $1,000,000 each game plus money from concessions. And remember this does not include money fans have to donate for the privilege of purchasing tickets. WOW! And we wonder why College Sports especially football is such a huge business. Even $500,000 a game is huge! Should the players be paid a weekly stipend? You better believe it! Heck, they would even sell out against NJIT!

Seton Hall is on target to be undefeated going into the West Virginia game at the Rock. Both teams are currently undefeated last time I looked. This game will be a true indicator of where SHU is marketing wise and team wise. No reason the Rock should not have 14,000 at this game. If the crowd is less than 12,000 it will be a terrible sign to potential recruits. The place should be rocking and SHU needs to do all they can to make sure it is. Bring back PJ, The Final 4 team again, Luther Wright day, Welcome Home Sharpe James Day, Salute to Corey Booker, half time performance by Bruce Springsteen, Jay Z and Beyonce, and anything else to fill the building even if it means going out and giving away 7,000 comps. A great showing here will mean alot not only this year but for seasons to come.

Again I say St. Johns is on target for the post season. That's right I said it! Forget the Duke loss even though I loved the toughness they displayed. If Norm gets that 1 stud player and one more similar, SJU will again become a MSG favorite. I really like this team and the direction they are going.

Say what you want, but Villanova is a very good team and a much better program. Can anyone say "National" program? And the kids are all very nice kids. Was on the campus and saw a few players including Corey Stokes. They came over and extended their hands and introduced themselves in a very professional way. Wow! And they can play!

There is an over 40 league that is running in Harlem, NY every Sunday. Funny thing is all the guys look like they can still compete on some level. many are in their late 50s and maybe 60s. But they can play. Among the players are ex NBA Stars, NBA Employees, ex College Stars, and ex street ball legends. In fact their is even a VIP/Legend section where many older ex Knicks, Nets, and Community people who were involved in basketball for many years sit and talk hoops while watching the games. Even the Dad's of a few current Great HS players participate. Would have been a great place to recruit Kyrie Irving since his Dad plays and he often comes to the games which are played from 8:30 AM until 2 PM each Sunday at IS 201, which is better known as Harlem Square Garden.

Speaking of Uptown, guess who attended a week or so ago? Chris Washburn Sr? Folks said he was just stopping by to see what was going on. Told a few folks he was looking for an AAU Team for his two sons. The consensus according to many was The Playez out of Patterson, NJ. I heard a rumor yesterday that both boys might have left St. Patricks. trying to find out if it is true. If it is they could wind up at a certain NYC area Power. Stay tuned!


ryanbiddulph said...

The Washburns did leave St. Pats.

I heard this at their scrimmage yesterday from as reliable a source as you can get: the principle.

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