Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Interesting stuff going on in college basketball. Maybe the field is more level than ever before with the exception of the super type programs. But heck even they are losing to teams from lessor conferences. Teams with not a single player on the roster that would be recruited by high major teams.

Lets look at Louisville. Are you kidding me? How does a program with a multi million dollar coach, a sold out 19,000 seat arena, a new state of the art arena on its way, an assistant coaching payroll of close to $2,000,000 with perks and benefits included, a state of the art practice facility, and some of the top recruited players in America lose to Western Carolina University? OK the NC Charlotte loss was one thing. So was the UNLV loss. But Western Carolina? Who are they? Are they the North Carolina version of Southern Connecticut? OK I should not be putting down Western Carolina, I should question Louisville. Bad Bad Loss and a horrible start of the season. Is Rick Pitino losing it? Will he ever get the Cards back to the Final 4? can they ever win a national championship under him? Lots of flash and glitz at Louisville with very little substance thus far. And what's with Samuel's? He better watch himself because guys like Pitino and Calipari will blame you very fast for stuff. Check out what happened to Sean Banks, who was very good and similar to Mr. Evens who left Memphis after 1 season. Oops, could they make him a derrick Caractor type scape goat?

Speaking of winning games that you are supposed to win, that's exactly what Rutgers did against Rider University, a MAC Team that plays home games in a HS Auxiliary type gym. Folks seem thrilled at a win that RU was supposed accomplish. This was Rider of The MAAC. Not the A10, CAA, or The MAAC, its the MAC. Now Rider is not a horrible team, and honestly have decent tradition and should be proud of all they do. especially considering what they have to work with in regard to selling recruits on attending Rider.

Rutgers, Seton Hall, and St. Johns are not supposed to ever lose to any team in the area not associated with the Big East Conference. That includes Fordham, Manhattan, St. Peters, Rider, Siena, Hofstra. etc. Now all of a sudden a overtime win against a team you scheduled for a automatic win is the most exciting game played all year. That's sad! Those games should never be under a 14 point type win. Those type of teams coming into a place like the RAC (though it needs ABC's Home Makeover lol), Alumni Hall, MSG, and The Pru Center should feel intimidated and in awe from the time they hit the locker room. Overtime? Please! Good to get a win that you were supposed to get, but do not get it twisted, this was supposed to be a huge game for the walk-ons.

Hearing a few interesting rumors. cannot say actual names but will provide info you might be able to figure out>

Guess what School might be concerned about Fran Frachillo taking over at Fordham? No not St. johns and not because he might outwork other local schools for good players. The school in question might just have been interested in Fran for their program depending on what happens this season.

Guess what program might be right back to the NCAA next season with the ex coach returning to lead his troops into battle? It will be interesting to say the least.


The CHSAA needs to stop the bull. They have alot or nerve talking about a boycott of the PSAL and having relations with them. They are upset at the recent transfer of a kid from Bishop Ford to Lincoln HS in Brooklyn. Well, guess what? The CHSAA has robbed the PSAL of talent for the past 25 years. They have provided good opportunities for kids via grants from places like Riverside Church and The Gaucho's, but killed the talent base in the PSAL until recent years.

Now people such as Tiny Morton, Johnny Mathis, Ron Neclerio, Ex Coach Jack Ringel, Ruth Lovelace, The Guys at Thomas Jefferson, and many others including Pat Mangham (sp) at Fredrick Douglas have worked their butts off making their programs attractive enough to get kids to attend and gain exposure.

Maybe the PSAL should boycott St. Francis College where Ray Nash son Brian is the coach. Brian is a great guy but when folks make threats it becomes serious. Imagine if the PSAL Coaches said no PSAL kid would attend a local Catholic College or University. This boycott thing is just Tom Murray, ex Hayes Coach and Ray Nash, Current Bishop Ford President;s way of getting back. Does not hurt that both are very good friends and almost always agree with each other going back to when Murray and Nash coached together including the Empire State games.

I say let it go. After all many PSAL Players have gone the opposite direction to Catholic high schools. And lets not even discuss the state of New Jersey!

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