Thursday, April 16, 2009

Quick Hits and Comments

Nice to see anyone get 2nd and 3rd opportunities. But what is it with Isiah Thomas that gives him so many chances at redemption when the average Joe has a difficult time finding employment at a factory?

Watched the FIU Press conference and found it very comical when the University Provost introduced Isiah as Isiah Thompson. Shows they know their sports lol.

Was it me or did the smirk on Isiah Thomas face say it all? Looked like he was grinning and thinking the entire time... "Suckers."

Glad to see Coach K and others support Isiah Thomas. Must be a Bobby Knight connection thing. I wonder if he would have felt the same way if he was named head coach at Clemson?

Can anyone predict where Isiah will wind up next? New Mexico Junior College? St. Peters? The NJ Nets?

Lastly on this subject. Isiah Thomas has either made a pact with the -----, or he has a guardian Angel looking out for him.

The college basketball season was horrible for me this year. In fact it just does not seem that interesting any longer.

I remember looking forward to purchasing the Street and Smith magazine when it hit the newsstand. I remember ordering Blue Ribbon by phone and speaking directly with Chris Wallace and his Dad as they prepared the Mag in West Virginia. Those were the days!

Remember when College Basketball was huge in the NY tri-state area. SJU games sold out on campus and pretty much filled MSG. Rutgers getting great fan support at the RAC and when they played at the Garden. Seton Hall getting 15,000 for big games during the week. Iona getting sell outs in New Rochelle. Manhattan getting huge crowds in that shell of a field house. Fordham playing on Saturday with Charlie Yelverton and Kenny Charles. How Great it was!

Remember going to see HS games all over NYC and NJ. Now there are showcase events that cost $15 to enter. Now there is no community spirit with kids attending HS 75 miles away from home in schools without dorms and often wihout gyms.

How about the schools running out of store fronts and playing games at the local Y or community center yet having kids sign with D1 programs.

Remember when Coaches recruited kids with school academics, career possibilities after college, college coaching, and great campus life as incentives.

Now kids attend based on who can get them to the next level, who can help their families in some sorta way, size of arena, and how they will be treated in the community. Rarely do we see kids choose based on academic offerings and great intern possibility.

News flash!!!!! Guess how many ex college stars are now working for ex players who were not great basketball players and went to school for the education?

So Tobias Harris and his little (6 ft 7) brother have transferred back from LI Lutheran to Half Hollow Hills HS in the very middle class area of Dix Hills Long Island. Tobias might just average 39 points a game next season......or he might be so bored he could average 18 from the combination of boredom and constant double and triple teaming he will face. I have to call his dad to find out what really happened. Or Torrel call me if you read this lol.

Lance Stephenson, as good as he could be, needs work on how to play the game. He has to make a choice that will benefit him and only him! Choose where you will be comfortable and get an opportunity to improve as you make the adjustment from being the man for 4 years to being part of a team with other good players.

I still find it strange that Dexter Strickland and Lance are not part of the Jordan Game this Saturday. Who chose the teams and did they have a beef with Kevin Boyle and Tiny Morton? Crazy!! Shows how politics work. Would serve the organizers right if only 2500 people showed up! It is a slap at tri-state area basketball to leave the two best players out of the game.

Great news that Mike Rosario was named area Freshmen of The Year. He deserved the award. Anxious to see him play his Senior Year at Rutgers 3 years from now. Will he be a stud?

Did anyone else realize Mike Rosario made the McDonalds game last year despite being rated in the late 50's? well his play this season at Rutgers proves he was worthy of the honor but very few guys rated to 50 or 60 make the McDonalds game. But like I have said recently, he has game and really wants to win and better yet loves to see his teammates play well. I hope he has a monster sophomore year!!

How in heck does Hazell not get the Hagerty Award? I know why. Politics!!! It's that same ole crap of hurting the kid because you do not appreciate the kid's coach! This kid deserved that award!

Speaking of SHU what is happening to Jarid Famous? And why is the Assistant Coach at Westchester Community College the Spokesperson? I thought Winston Nicholas world be on top of this. Anyway it looks like it will go down to the wire for Famous. Maybe SHU needs to have a program, scrimmage at the Prudential Center, or something similar. Doing this will at least get his Dad there for the festivities even if Jarid does not show up lol. Hey, I wonder if his folks will show to SHU games next season if Jarid attends The University of Arizona? Dad seems to love the SHU hospitality at the games.

I still feel Jarid will play next season for SHU. Just a gut and not because his dad enjoys attending games at the Prudential Center.

Again I will say this college basketball season left alot to be desired!

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