Monday, April 6, 2009

Basketball Thoughts

The College Basketball season is over and now many fans all over America start watching and debating on how their teams will do next season. It is a time when serious fans go out to AAU and Rec events to watch potential players. It is a time for dreaming about what could happen if......

..... Lance Stephenson attends St. Johns. Honestly I still feel SJU would be his best option and a place that needs him so bad he will get every opportunity to be successful It is a place his dad will be able to visit and speak with the coaches as often as he wishes. If Lance got his game together and played with more purpose and not seem so out of control on occasion he could be a one and done player. But watching him play lately he looks like a guy who will spend a good amount of time in college. Because of that, the person who would be his coach at SJU is now a factor. Norm Roberts being on a hot seat is not as attractive to a kid who might need to play college ball 2 or 3 seasons as opposed to one season. Not because Norm is not good for Lance. It's because Norm might not be there for 2 years if next season is not a good one. Now SJU could give Norm a real extention so that Lance and others will feel safe knowing who the Coach will be.

..... The Rutgers kids really jell as a team and they get alot more offense from the front court. If a true PG emerges and gets folks involved and makes them better. If they learn to compete for 40 minutes and the players improve their skills and STRENGTH. RU needs much more than folks realize. But you never know!

..... The Pirates of Seton Hall can play well together. They are definitely tough enough to compete even without Paul Gause. If the new players can shake off the rust, it will be very interesting.

Josh Pastner gets Memphis Job

All I can say is BRILLIANT!!!! I am sure he was very instrumental in getting the big name recruits who committed to Memphis. This hire keeps Memphis in play with the kids Calipari signed. Plus Pastner is one of the true super star college assistants. At one time he was rated the number 1 assistant in America. He also has OUTSTANDING national connections from his AAU days and through his Dad who runs great programs in Texas.

Tony Bennett to Virginia

One of the real good guys in College Basketball who learned some good things from his dad Dick Bennett. Hopefully he is a bit more personal and caring than his dad was when he coached. But I will not get into that here. Tony has a great reputation and should do well even though it will always be NC and Duke and than the others in the ACC. He will be competing for 3rd place along with all of the others. In the Chapel Hill/Durham area and through out the ACC kids rarely turn down Duke and Carolina. It is like everyone else is JV. If he works hard the new arena might even get a few sell outs next season. But based on how they did in the past they could have played in the old gym. Despite all this I still feel Dave Lateo would have gotten it done in the next two seasons.

Miller to Arizona

All I will say is WOW! Hard job for a guy with serious eastern roots. I honestly think Pastner might have had a better chance to succeed. But we will see. Besides Miller is a fantastic coach and program saver as his record indicates.

Jarid Famous

Still waiting to see what he does for school. He must have an idea by now. Will Seton Hall get lucky? Or will he just go where he is wanted and not loved?


portside said...

LF any word on school for Javae? My thoughts are that his defensively, creative, and vision skills are all mid major D1 skills. However, he is not a natural offensive player which leads me to think he is more of a DII player. He struggles to score consistently for someone who had the ball as much as he did, which you don't see even from low level D1 guards. That being said, I think if one of the local low level D1 (FDU, RIder, St Peters) schools don't recruit him, they are nuts.

Also, if Curtis does retire what about Tony Campbell as the next head coach? I think he's in Brooklyn some place. He could convince many of the local kids to play for a public school.

Lastly, sorry to say but FHJ is not a good coach. Great salesman but definitely not a big east caliber head guy. Also, his staff needs to be upgraded. What is Danny Nee doing there??? Craig, Darren and Jim are nice guys but don't compare to what sitting on the bench at other big east teams. If FHJ was smart he would go after Orlando Antigua hard and heavy. With this new guy Patsner taking over who knows what will happen. He probably wants to keep in tact but he might be looking to bring some new blood. Antigua is a city guy and his brother coaches a Catholic league power.

Just some thoughts. By the way I like your blog. Great insight!

LFBall said...

Great comments. I honestly feel Javae can play at a CAA or even 2nd level A10 school. Kid will be better in college than he was in HS. It is all about his strength. Once that happens its lights out because he will become very very very very good. Right now I am talking to a few Prep Schools for him. Talked to the Hill school but they need big folks and I hope they take 6 ft 9 Riley Moye who has been talking to them. He would be outstanding for them!

If Curtis March retires I doubt they would give the job to Tony Cambell. Not because he would not be outstanding because he would. It's just alot of folks in Teaneck feel he took many of the better players out of the town and with a few others encouraged kids to attend Catholic schools as oppossed to Teaneck. Just imagine how good Teaneck would have been with the town kids who attend schools elsewhere. too many to even mention.

Kelvin Reese should becomen coach if March retires. Kind of young and still very youthful. But this kid has greatness written all over him. Put Malone with him as a older figure and Teaneck will be as good as they were years ago. Maybe Marcel Williams would be part of the staff as well. Would have loved to see Mike Nurse as coach because he is a great basketball thinker and a true competitor. But he lives in Delaware. Kelvin will be just fine if given the opportunity.

No comment on Rutgers. It is what it is and no sense in even discussing. I do know the FIG guys are better than they looked and the way they went out left a bad taste in the mouths of many people who really undertand basketball.