Sunday, April 19, 2009

Famous, Fig, Logan, and More

All those who think Jarid Famous is the person deciding where he will attend college next season please raise your hands.

Will all those raising their hands please meet me on the Manhattan side of the Brooklyn Bridge right now.

Bidding on a new 10 year lease starts at $100,000 per week! You can also bid via email. Please send to

Famous is a pretty good player but unfortunately he is being led by others more than deciding on his own. I just hope when he makes his final decision he will pick a place that will allow him to enjoy life on and off the court as he prepares for his future in and out of basketball.

Read the Rutgers board earlier and folks are raving over the speeches made by JR Inman, Anthony Farmer and to a lessor extent Jeron Griffin. That's nice but many of those same people treated those kids worst than any kid has ever been treated on a college message board. Funny how a poster named Crime Dog posted nice speeches but it is about winning basketball games. Crazy statement but something that many who attacked Crime Dog have been saying all season long as they dogged and ripped those kids. Now it is about developing great young men who graduate? If that was the case Craig Littlepaige would still be coaching Rutgers. Honestly it is about both. Winning and developing kids on and off the court.

How will the local teams do next season if they stay just as they are today?

Nice watching all the re-runs of past Jordan Games on TV. The number of transfers since they played is unbelievable. I also could not believe that Michael Jordan's Son actually started in the game he played in. I guess Mike said in the words of Al McGuire "You Have To be a Bitch of a Player To Start over my son."

So it looks like Fran McCaferty is waiting around another season to pursue high D1 positions. I wonder what job he really loves. UMMMMMMMMMMM!

Finally I need to say my 18 month old very tall grandson Logan dunked his first basketball today on a kiddy basket. He did it off the wrong foot but with authority. He than went on to have a sippy cup of milk. Coaches in attendance were John Calipari, Rick Pitino, Norm Roberts, Bobby Gonzalez, and Rutgers assistant Craig Carter. Also on hand was Tom Konchalski, and Joy Gomes. Unfortunately Ed Butler could not make it to the workout. However, Jarid Famous folks did stop by after hearing there would be alot of food at the event and plenty to drink. Talks are now taking place to have the Westchester CC Assistant Coach handle all of the future recruitment. But first Logan needs to go to bed.


John said...


However, Jarid Famous folks did stop by after hearing there would be alot of food at the event and plenty to drinkThis seems to be quite a telling comment in my book.

LFBall said...


Just having fun. But I really think Jarids folks enjoyed all the fuss being made over their son. But than again who would not lol.
Seton Hall Fans at The Pru kept SHU in the race believe it or not!