Saturday, November 1, 2008

"Whats Going On"

So Seton Hall has lost a future star? I am not sure if this is the case or if they just lost a future player. People tend to get very upset about losing a recruit forgetting that Schools Do Not Get Commitments from every player they recruit. Now why would this last player not commit to SHU?

Let me give you just a few reasons: Stix Mitchell, and Herb Pope! He is not as good as either of these players and most likely wants to play right away and play huge minutes. Nothing to do with the Coaches at Seton Hall. I would bet he just felt the players in front of him could not be beat out. What about Hazell? No he would not beat him out either at the 2 or 3 spot. Why folks are getting so bent out of shape regarding not signing anyone yet is beyond believe. What star player in their right mind is going to sign with SHU knowing that the talent on the team for next season is what it is.....OUTSTANDING!!! Do you honestly think a great HS 2 guard will commit? Maybe but I would be surprised because they would have to be Great to beat out a future star in Hazell.

If it is not what I wrote above, maybe it's the kid just wanted the warmer weather, larger campus, nationally known academics, different type of coach,etc. But trust me, Seton Hall will get players under Bobby Gonzalez as long as he never ever bashes players in the press (again) and gets his side-line personality together. Because Bobby remains an outstanding guy who is loyal and dependable. I also think he is a great evaluator of talent and kids are somewhat drawn to him. I also think he needs a few more years at SHU to complete the job he started regardless of how this season turns out.

Let me change the subject to Rutgers. Got a phone call from Tobias Harris Dad Torrel last night. We talked about alot of things including his sons college choices. He asked me my thoughts on some coaches and programs. Highlights of my conversation with him was HOW MUCH BOTH ME AND MY SON LIKE FRED HILL Jr. and Craig Carter. I also told him how "You have to go where you are loved and not just wanted" I spoke about Alumni support after playing ball and pointed out how even Shayle Keating, YES MY MAN SHAYLE, was able to get a great position right out of Rutgers College earning great money! Also talked about how FHJ protects his kids, encourages his players from the sidelines, recognized he could use a guy like Danny Nee, etc. We had a great Rutgers talk! Rutgers is in there and rightfully so. I also told him to watch the others as they try to get his son by any means necessary. Of course that is impossible because he is successful and can pay for his sons un-official visits, and make sure schools are on his son in a legitimate way. We did talk about some other stuff including new schools recruiting his son, some of which are outstanding programs with great guys as head coaches. But knowing how he likes the feel he gets when going to Delaware to watch his Daughter, the starting 2 guard on the Blue Hen Women's team, play, he wants to be able to drive to see Tobias play. And lastly folks should not sleep his younger son who is becoming a heck of a player and could be as good as Tobias in time.

Spoke with Jim Solmon about how impressed I was with his last event. I honestly feel there must be a corporation or two that could assist this guy in doing all the positive events he continues to do in NJ. The sneaker money that was available years ago has gone away and much of what he does comes out of his pockets yet he keeps the entry fees down and continues to run quality events. If there is anyone reading this blog who can get involved with Jim they should do so. Even taking out an ad in his next program would be great. Please do not take this as an appeal because he and the Playez are struggling, because they are not. Just added assistance would help make what they do bigger and better. And thanks Jim for actually having rosters and a working microphone at your last event lol.

We are close to the start of the college basketball season. I am so excited I might drive down to Newark Delaware to see the RU vs UD game at a most likely sold out Bob Carpenter Center. Some folks are saying UD wins this game. I am not sure but I feel it will be a good game and the score could be close. The UD Guards are pretty good as are many of the up front guys. Because it is the first game for RU, and it is on the road, makes this even more interesting.

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