Friday, November 21, 2008

Local College Happenings

Seton Hall Wins!

Ask me if I am surprised? NO! I really feel the Hall has very good talent and very good coaching which often leads to wins. Will they beat Memphis? Not sure. But one thing for sure they will not enter the game feeling they cannot win. And that is so important.

When a local college team has local tri-state players who have game, they can be a hard out for most college teams. Seton Hall is no different. They have a large number of local and TOUGH players who feel they should win every game. This is why I am so high on them, especially next season. Folks have called me names for being so high on this team including one Internet poster calling me LFHall lol. But again those who know me will tell those who do not, I call it as I see it.

Again a great win for Seton Hall. Now if they can upset Memphis......Wow. That would mean the local teams are of to a good start with RU being undefeated also and St. Johns having only 1 defeat. But the Memphis game will be tough. Just hope folks do not flip if it is a loss. Remember it is a very long season.

Michigan over UCLA

Great story! John Baeline (sp) is a great system coach how always keeps his teams in every game. This guy has to be one of the best in the country. Bob McKillip is on that list as well. But to make a coach really great they have to be able to recruit players who will help them seriously compete for a national championship. This is why Roy Williams, Coach K, Slick Rick, and others stand out from the pack.

Rutgers Thus Far

2 and 0 heading into more games they should win. And yes I feel if they are 12 and 0 going into the BE season they have a chance to be ranked in the top 25. I said a chance! But again I warn this early season schedule can help the young kids on the RU team but I question if it will prepare the team for the rigors of BE play. Just a question, that's all. If I was the RU Coach, I would have the exact same schedule to help the young guys adjust. And just do all that is possible in practice and games to prepare for the BE season.

Momo to Virginia Tech

Seems Momo went where he was loved as opposed to just wanted. he should have a great career there. And if it does not work out, he can transfer back to the Big East or A10 since VT is a member of the Atlantic Coast Conference.

Miami Recruiting

I know the weather is great in Miami, and Luke the Rapper looks out for the players on the football and basketball teams, but what happened to players wanting to play in front of large crowds, and being part of nationally respected programs. maybe I am missing something here. But maybe it is just another case of a staff outworking everyone else and making players feel Miami is the only place for them. Heck what do I know lol. Beautiful women and laying on the beach could be quite tempting.

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Basketballdaddy said...

Great call on you SH assessment. Who would have thought...with seven players!! Memphis is a tall glass of water to drink but Seton Hall looks thirsty. Gotta love this type of action so early in the season.